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New Jersey police officer goes out onto the ice to rescue dog


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(UPI) A New Jersey police officer strapped on a safety rope and crawled out onto a frozen pond to rescue a dog that had fallen through the ice.

The Hopewell Township Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when Officers Robert Voorhees and George Peterson responded to the dog owner's call alongside personnel from Hopewell Valley Emergency Services and the Pennington Fire Company.

"Officer Voorhees volunteered to be fastened to a rope and crawled out on the edge of the ice towards the dog whose name is Nisel," the post said. Nisel swam towards Officer Voorhees who grabbed her by the collar. Officer Peterson and Specialist Dave VanDoren then pulled Officer Voorhees and Nisel to safety.

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The video shows Voorhees' careful trip out onto the ice to retrieve the canine, which was not seriously injured.

"Nisel and her owner were happily reunited," the Facebook post said.

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