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Kangaroo chases dog and owner in wooded area


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(UPI) A territorial kangaroo chased off a golden retriever and the canine's owner when they came across the marsupial in the woods.

The video, filmed by the dog walker, shows him shouting for Sammy the golden retriever to back off and stop barking after coming face to face with the kangaroo.

The kangaroo strikes an aggressive pose and hops toward the duo threateningly, causing the man and dog to back away.

"We're just walking past, kangaroo," the man says. Off you go, buddy. Off you go!

The man attempts to reason with the marsupial, assuring it that he and Sammy mean no harm.

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"We're just gonna walk past," the man says, as he and Sammy attempt to bypass the kangaroo on the dirt road.

The attempt to walk past quickly turns into a hasty retreat, however, when the 'roo decides not to let them pass.

The man breaks into a run, and the kangaroo wanders off once Sammy and his owner are a good distance away.

Sammy makes as though to chase the kangaroo, but his owner quickly calls him back to his side.

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