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Dog runs out onto field during soccer game, befriends goalie


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(UPI) A Europa League soccer game in Macedonia was interrupted when a dog ran out onto the field and made friends with a goalkeeper.

The Thursday night match between Skopje-based FK Vardar and Norwegian team Rosenborg was interrupted during the 74th minute when a dog ran out onto the field as a player was lining up a penalty kick.

Vardar goalkeeper Filip Gacevski attempted to help chase the canine away from the pitch, but instead ended up succumbing to the canine's charms and giving it a belly rub as it rolled over onto its back.

The dog's on-field adventure was caught on camera by a spectator and posted to Twitter.

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Security staff swarmed the field in an attempt to capture the dog, but it gave them the slip and eventually ran off on its own.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

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