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Florida animal rescuers find reported injured dog was a coyote


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(UPI) Animal rescuers responding to a report of an injured dog in a busy shopping district discovered the animal wasn't actually a dog at all -- it was a coyote.

Miami-Dade Animal Services posted photos to Facebook showing the coyote picked up by the Humane Animal Response Team on Saturday when they were summoned to the shopping and restaurant district in Coconut Grove.

"When the HART officers arrived, there was indeed a canine needing assistance, but it was no dog, this canine was a coyote," the post said.

Animal Services said the coyote appeared "frightened and possibly injured," but the HART team was able to capture it safely.

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The coyote was taken to the South Florida Wildlife Center to receive medical attention and rehabilitation for an eventual release back into the wild.

"Residents of the area are advised to use caution when encountering wildlife and to ensure children and small pets are closely supervised," the post said.

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