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VIDEO: Perfectly poised pooch perches on back of owner's motorcycle


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(UPI) A dog with excellent balance skills was caught on camera standing on the back of his owner's motorcycle, causing other riders to raise safety concerns.

A video filmed by a motorcycle passenger in Marilao, Philippines, shows another biker riding ahead on the road with the dog balanced in the standing position on the seat behind the man.

The filmer approached the man and raised concerns about the dog's safety, but the rider ignored them, they said.

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"We were driving along the highway, we saw a biker with a dog riding on the back of his motorbike without any safety precautions," the filmer wrote. So we apprehend the rider telling him that it was illegal and very dangerous for the dog or any other riders or vehicles, and it might cause an accident. However, the rider ignored what we're saying and kept on riding.

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