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Dog praised for protecting 10-year-old from rattlesnake


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(UPI) A California family said their boxer dog is recovering from a rattlesnake bite she incurred while defending her 10-year-old owner.

Anthony Borquez said his stepson, Cole Lewis, was walking with his mother and the family's dog, Nala, on Sunday when they encountered a snake in their Lancaster neighborhood.

Lewis said Nala faced-off with the snake, giving him and his mother time to flee.

"She waited until we were safe. She stood her ground. She didn't like whimper or anything when she got bit," he told KBC-TV.

Borquez rushed Nala to a veterinary hospital to be treated for the venomous bite to her nose.

"When my son had told me it was light green, I knew that it was a Mojave green [snake] and they're extremely poisonous, way more so than a diamondback," Borquez said.

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Borquez praised Nala's bravery.

"I grew up with boxers. They're incredibly protective dogs. That's why we got the breed. We got her from a rescue. We rescued her and she rescued us," Borquez said.

The family visited Nala at the veterinary hospital Monday. They said she is expected to come home this week.

"She saved my life, and I just want to hang out with her now because she's my hero," Lewis said.

The family said Nala's veterinary bills came out to about $4,000.

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