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VIDEO: Florida woman films panther watching her from back yard


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(UPI) A Florida woman sitting down for her morning coffee captured video of a rare Florida panther she caught staring back at her.

Andy Lloyd of Golden Gate Estates said she was sitting down for her morning coffee and browsing Facebook on Sunday morning when she noticed the big cat watching her from outside the glass wall of her enclosed pool.

"There is a panther in my back yard," the amazed woman says in the video she captured of the animal. Oh my god, I am freaking out right now. Look at the size of that panther!

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Lloyd guessed the panther might have been disoriented by Hurricane Irma.

"I was enjoying my morning coffee and Facebook updates, and I looked up and saw this endangered Florida Panther staring at me!" Lloyd wrote. I grabbed my phone, didn't move and filmed it. As a Florida teacher who knows the rareness and beauty of this animal, I was a bit scared and in awe. I figured hurricane Irma may have confused it. I filmed a rare creature enjoying my yard, and am blessed to have witnessed it while enjoying my coffee and Facebook!

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