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Firefighters rescue curious kitten trapped inside car engine


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(UPI) A Texas woman's morning commute was interrupted after she discovered a tiny kitten under the hood of her car.

Kara Tumlinson's husband Kevin recounted the story in a Reddit post, alongside photos of the gray striped stowaway they named Max.

"She's a project manager and had driven to a job site. When she got there, she heard this little guy meowing and spotted him inside the grill of her car," he wrote. He wasn't happy and he seemed overheated.

After calling her husband and receiving numerous suggestions from luring the kitten out with food to spritzing it with water, Tumlinson decided to slowly drive the car to a nearby fire station for help.

She arrived to find the firefighters were "all smiles" and gladly offered to help rescue the trapped kitten.

The smiles faded slightly when the firefighters discovered Max was in a "tough spot," but they still made an effort to free the kitten.

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Kevin Tumlinson said the firefighters brought out tools to unscrew the car grill and create an opening for the kitten, but just as he was nearly free Max got spooked and scampered even further inside the engine.

Eventually one firefighter put on a glove and reached into the engine to pull the kitten out. He was met with hisses and scratches but ultimately managed to complete the rescue.

"He was just about the unhappiest cat on Earth, at that moment, and he screamed like a kid the whole time," Tumlinson said. But in the end, the Houston Fire Department saved the day, and Max was in ruffled but otherwise good shape!

After a rough night in the Tumlinson family's bathroom, the couple decided to it was best to find Max another home.

"We really can't keep him, for a variety of reasons, but we'd love to find someone who could take him in," Tumlinson said. As he's calmed down, he really is a very sweet cat. I think he'd make a great pet, once he's acclimated to his new home.

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