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Young 'astronaut' walking his dog inspires Internet photoshop battle


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(UPI) A photo of a young boy dressed in a full astronaut walking his dog inspired an impromptu online photoshop competition.

Reddit user kchitownp shared the image to the Photoshop battles subreddit, encouraging users to modify the image.

The challenge received hundreds of responses, as users placed the young boy and his dog into various situations.

Many users placed the pair on the moon -- including begginstripper, who placed the boy and his dog alongside Neil Armstrong in a photo of the moon landing.

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Others combined the photo with images from pop culture -- like user spanxxxy, who placed the boy and his dog among the cast of Armageddon and BelowTheBenthic, who used the pair to replace the astronaut featured on rock band Brand New's album Deja Entendu.

Some opted to simply modify the original image by adding and subtracting elements.

User djugdish added an older astronaut holding the young boy on a child leash, while mixsaffron added a melancholy element by removing the dog and inserting a missing pet poster.

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