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The Many Activities of Napa Wine Country

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California's beautiful Napa Valley is famous around the world for its wineries and vineyards. Many wine enthusiasts are thrilled to spend their vacation time touring the various wine producers and tasting their wares. The fine vintages produced in this area make it a favored destination for wine lovers. However, these folks and their companions need not limit their entertainment solely to wine-related activities. There are plenty of activities to amuse any visitor to Napa.

Wine has almost certainly given the Napa region of California its celebrated reputation, but many other activities make this a vacationer's ideal locale. Beautiful scenery and gardens engage the eyes. Fine dining makes every meal a culinary adventure. And no trip would be complete without at least a little shopping! Napa offers everything from Rodeo Drive-style finery to outlet bargains so picking up a few souvenirs won't be difficult.

Sight Seeing and Garden Tours

The Napa Valley region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Situated in Northern California just north of the scenic San Pablo Bay, Napa Valley lies about an hour's drive from the city of San Francisco. This gem of a city is arguably one of the most beautiful in California, if not the entire country.

Driving north from San Francisco to Napa takes the visitor north on Highway 101 over the Golden Gate Bridge. The route will follow along the majestic Mayacamas Mountains. Employing a limo or car service affords the best opportunities for all vacationers to see the incredible vistas this route has to offer. A visitor will pass through the five official towns of the Napa region along the way: Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, Napa and, at the southern end, American Canyon. There are, of course, many vineyards to view along the way.

Some of the wineries of the Napa region also have lush gardens to tour in addition to tours of their vineyards. If you visit in the spring, you might even be able to take a tour of gardens filled with dogwoods and azaleas tended by Napa County's Master Gardeners or attend one of their workshops.

Fine Dining

The options for dining in Napa are many and widely varied. Napa has been called the "Wine and Food Capital" of the US. You can find everything from a great American cheeseburger to haute French cuisine. Likewise, prices range from budget-friendly to five-star with many stops in between. On any vacation, the best way to find a great place to eat is to ask the local residents. Talk to the folks you meet along the way and learn where they have the best meals.

If a more casual meal is more your style, ask your car service to find a winery on your tour itinerary that will pack a picnic lunch to be served in their vineyards. It's an experience that anyone will enjoy, wine connoisseur or not.


Vacation shopping is on nearly everyone's agenda. Whether you are looking for a small remembrance of a unique trip or something a little larger, like a work of art or handcrafted furniture, Napa is sure to have something you'll be glad to take home. The region boasts numerous galleries, boutiques and antique shops of all sizes and types. This is also a great time to employ a car service so you don't have to tote parcels from store to store. A driver can also help you find the hidden gems that are further off the beaten path and away from the crowds.

As you can see, wine may be the heart and soul of the Napa Valley region but it is not by any means the only thing the area has to offer. They wide variety of activities will be more than sufficient to fill a long vacation or create a memorable weekend trip. No matter what you choose to do, the Napa Valley is sure to become a favorite destination.


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