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Getting Into The Crate

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For many new dog owners, crate training seems to be a pretty big decision. Regardless, of how the decision is determined there are several ways to help a pup enjoy their new Den. Ask any dog professional what they think of the subject and it may be surprising to find out that almost all favor crate training. One of the best ways to quickly help your pooch adapt to this new environment is by getting into the crate with them. Getting into the crate helps dogs acclimate to the space because it shows the dog this is safe space, it helps the owner get over the subject and fosters very strong bonds.

One of the quickest ways to help a dog acclimate to the crate is by literally getting into it with them. Dogs are pack animals and naturally follow their alpha or leader. If it's safe for my master... it must be safe for me. This works especially well with very young puppies less than 26 weeks old. Since they are natural followers let them follow you right into loving their own den. The fact that their leader likes it will translate into them liking it. If done from day one, getting into the crate helps pups grow attached to the space very quickly.

Getting into the crate will also help the owners come to grips with their decision to crate train. Just like anything else in this world, the more familiar one becomes with something the better they feel about the subject. The Wolf trainer who offered this suggestion explained "Getting on the animal's level puts you in harmony with them a creature". Getting on the dog level helps owners better understand a very important point. Dogs are not humans. Dogs like small spaces humans call dens. By getting into the crate and on the dogs level will not only help the pup feel better about the crate but the owner as well.

The last and most important reason why getting into the crate helps the pooch acclimate to the space is because it's a wonderful bonding opportunity. It's natural for a human to want to snuggle in a bed on a couch or a comfy chair. Try this instead. Put a towel, blanket or comfortable dog bed in the crate. Get as much of your upper half into the crate. Let your pup snuggle right up in there with you. When it's a new puppy, 5 to 10 minutes a day will do the trick. After a short while, you may even find that when you come home and open up the door, your pooch flops into its favorite position waiting for you to join in instead of busting out and acting like a banshee.


Once the decision to crate train is made, there are several strategies that can be used to help both the pup and the owner become comfortable with the subject. By getting into the crate with the dog there are several things that will naturally happen. The dog will be happy to follow its master and by doing so will quickly accept the space. The owner will feel better having walked in the pups moccasins and seen that it's not that bad and the two will bond in a special way. By doing so you will be able to avoid any pesky problems.


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