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Ways of Keeping Your Cat From Boredom and Obesity

Robyn T Lang on

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Ever had a cat that just lies around all day sleeping, staring into space, simply bored? Although they may look cute especially when someone strokes them and they purr happily but without something that will make them exercise there is an increased risk of obesity and just plain laziness progressing. This is especially true with indoor cats. Catit Design Senses are a collection of innovative cat products designed to keep a cat active and allow them to use their natural instincts by using their senses such as touch and smell.

Now there are various different toys that achieve different goals. The Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit and Play Circuit both incorporate touch, sight and sound. They can be set up in an S shape or as a circular track which stops any cat getting bored from using the same track. With the Speed Circuit the ball provided is a flashing ball which adds to the cat's amusement. With both of them, extra tracks can be added to make it bigger and more fun for any cat. The tracks are peek-a-boo tracks which mean there are little areas where the cats can fit their paws in to keep pushing the ball around and tunnels for the ball to hide under. With the various areas being dotted around the track the cat will also use movement to get around to the ball.

The Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad is a small pad that can help your cat use something other than your sofa to scratch. Of course a scratching post or cat activity centre is vital in any home with a cat but not only can this give them an extra place to scratch it can allow cats to use their instincts of hunting and playing as catnip and treats can be hidden in the cut-outs of the surface allowing them a treat for scratching the pad. The cats use their sense of smell and touch with this activity. The pads can also be replaced.

The Catit Design Massage Centre is a relaxation activity for your cat at the end of a long hard day playing, with maybe, the other toys. It gives the cat a place to rub up against getting a massage from the different textures, and catnip can once again be put on the massage centre to allow a cat an extra special massage. They get to use their sense of touch and if catnip is added their sense of smell too.

The Catit Design Senses Food Maze and Grass Garden both make a cat use their sense of taste and touch. The Food Maze makes a cat work for his or her food by having to paw the treats to the bottom of the food tray. If a cat gets too good at this activity the difficulty levels can be changed to make it harder for them to fend for their food. The Grass Garden is a natural source of fibre for a cat. Seeds are provided to grow the grass and seeds can also be sold separately so it can be used again. It aids a cat's digestion and is great for indoor cats.


From personal experience the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is absolutely brilliant at keeping your cat active and the massage centre they just love to rub against. Of course not every cat is going to be a lover of any toys for that matter but I think if they can be found at a reasonable price then there is no harm in giving them a try. There are a number of different reviews on them that will help make a decision.

Cats do not deserve to become obese through boredom; toys are the way to a happy cat and a happy human.

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