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Cat Health Problems, Getting to Know the Aspects

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There is a significant amount of cat health problems that exist in today's world. While some are more common for the majority of felines, there are others which can be considered rare and only happen to certain breeds.

Some of these issues may actually be hereditary and often times can be prevented with a prescribed medicine. Read on to find out more about these cats health problems.

Cat Health Problems - Signs and Symptoms

Worms - Being a cat owner myself, I've had to deal with treating worms numerous times. Cats tend to attain worms frequently, with some of the leading causes being tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, as well as heartworms.

You will notice cat health problems symptoms from worms if they are persistently losing weight, appearing to gain a pot belly, losing fur or vomiting. These symptoms can be greatly reduced with an effective medication, usual cat health problems to come.

Diarrhea - One should not worry too much about this type of issue unless it continuously happens on a regular basis. This is not a disease in itself; however it could be a symptom from something more serious.


Vomiting - There are numerous reasons as to why a cat would vomit. This could stem from a serious disease to consuming something that was uneasy on their stomach. If it's something that is rare for your cat, then the issue should not be a worry.

Kidney Disease - This is probably the most common cause of death among heavily aged cats. Using dry food as the main source of diet has been suspected as the leading factor for this problem.

You can watch out for this by paying special attention to your cat's drinking habits, if they start drinking water at an increasingly high rate, then you should get them checked out.

Urinary Tract Infections - This is another sign of cat health problems that should be watched closely. This involves the bladder and can occur in both genders; however the male cats are usually at a higher risk of the urethra becoming blocked.


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