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Traffic-blocking goats rounded up on California highway

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(UPI) The California Highway Patrol said a traffic jam on a busy stretch of highway was caused by a pair of goats running loose in the roadway.

The CHP said troopers were dispatched Monday afternoon when a pair of goats were reported blocking traffic on Highway 17 in Santa Cruz.

CHP Officer Sam Courtney said the goats had been captured by ...Read more

Rare penny from school lunch change up for auction

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(UPI) A rare Lincoln-head penny a Massachusetts teenager received in change for his school lunch is up for auction with a starting bid of $100,000.

Heritage Auctions said the 1943 penny, one of only about 20 to be pressed using bronze instead of the steel amid World War II shortages, came into the possession of 16-year-old coin collector Don ...Read more

Moose wanders into Alaska hospital, eats atrium plants

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(UPI) A moose caused a ruckus at an Alaska hospital when it wandered into the building and calmly munched on plants in the atrium.

Witnesses said the moose wandered onto the Alaska Regional Hospital campus in Anchorage just before noon Monday and ended up strolling through the automatic doors into the Wise Physical Therapy office building.

...Read more

Cat, missing two months, found in Tampa

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DEARBORN, Mich., -- Bandit has travel in his blood.

The 2 1/2-year-old tabby cat spent the first weeks of his life on a pontoon boat. And he loves roaming the neighborhood around the home of his owners, the Sanborn family of Dearborn.

Bandit recently took his biggest trip yet -- to Tampa, Fla., more than 1,100 miles away.

The cat had been ...Read more

Why won't the dog stop licking the furniture?

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Dear Joan: My friend's Dachshund continuously licks the chair cover on the chair he sleeps in, and sometimes the rug.

Any ideas on how to deter him. He is an altered male, about 10 years old. -- Linda F., Bay Area

Dear Linda: There are several reasons why dogs lick furniture, and many other things. The first step would be to take the dog to ...Read more

Police officer adopts kitten after highway rescue

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(UPI) A Missouri police officer whose body camera recorded his rescue of a kitten stranded on a highway barrier wall said his family has adopted the feline.

The North Kansas City Police Department shared body camera footage showing Officer Jason Smith rescuing the kitten from a barrier wall between the northbound and southbound lanes of ...Read more

Elephant steals tourist's mango-filled purse

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(UPI) A visitor to an elephant rescue in Sri Lanka captured video of the moment a hungry elephant stole a tourist's purse to feast on mangos.

The video shows a teenage tourist meeting one of the young pachyderms at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

The girl said she thought the elephant was trying to be affectionate when it used its trunk to ...Read more

Beach-goer rescues seagull from plastic around neck

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(UPI) A visitor to a Florida beach climbed a pier to rescue a seagull with plastic wound around its neck and the encounter was caught on video.

Emily Krause captured video Wednesday showing her friend, Tara Russell, climbing on a pier at a St. Petersburg beach to reach the distressed seagull.

Russell grabs hold of the bird and pulls the ...Read more

Florida police wrangle runaway pig

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(UPI) Police in Florida were able to capture an escaped pig running loose through a residential neighborhood and returned the porcine pet to her owner.

The Sunrise Police Department tweeted photos showing Officer Colin Douglass with Iggy the Piggy after he captured the animal in a residential neighborhood.

Sheena Mousavi, Iggy's owner, said ...Read more

Suspected Florida panther may be escaped pet puma

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Florida said a suspected panther captured in a residential neighborhood might actually be an escaped pet puma.

Rob Klepper, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said the animal, which was wearing a collar, was initially thought to be a Florida panther when it was captured in a ...Read more

Package thief makes off with box of cat poop

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(UPI) A California woman fed up with package thieves captured footage of a man stealing a box of cat poop from her front porch.

Stephanie Igoa said the security camera on the front porch of her Fresno home has repeatedly captured so-called "porch pirates" thieving from her front porch, including one man who made at least two visits while ...Read more

Dogs Everywhere

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Dear Annie: I love most dogs and have had pets all my life, but there are times and places in which pets should not accompany their owners. Of course, trained service dogs are the exception.

I am seeing so many dogs being exposed to crowded stores and outdoor festivals and sales. They are generally on leashes, but some breeds are so protective ...Read more

Surprised family finds fox napping on microwave

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(UPI) A London family called animal rescuers when they came down for breakfast and discovered a fox sleeping on their microwave.

Kim Fryer said her daughter was the first one to spot the fox sleeping in the kitchen of their Mitcham district home about 7 a.m. Dec. 15.

"My daughter found him at 7 a/m/ and called up to me. I came down and spotted...Read more

Sniffles time: Shelter seeks home for dog without nose, crooked teeth

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(UPI) A rescue shelter in Central Florida is seeking a home for Sniffles, a dog without a nose, that tends to snort and has crooked teeth but is laid back and loves people.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Chuluota took in the 12-year-old dog on Dec. 19.

"He's just a precious old man. Everyone at the vet's office has fallen in love with him," ...Read more

Police officers crawl under SUV to rescue kitten

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(UPI) The New York Police Department shared a photo of four officers crawling under an SUV at the same time to rescue a kitten trapped in the engine block.

The NYPD's 32nd Precinct in Harlem tweeted that seven of its officers responded with a Special Operations unit team to a location where a kitten was reported trapped in the undercarriage of ...Read more

Brave corgi chases coyote away from family's home

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(UPI) A California family's doorbell camera captured a trespassing coyote being chased away by an unlikely guard dog -- a small corgi.

Claire Reader's Ring camera was recording the view from the front porch of her Bonita Springs home when her dog, Arlo, was chased across the yard by a coyote.

The video shows the dog and coyote go out of view, ...Read more

University gives honorary diploma to service dog

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(UPI) A New York state university shared a photo of an honorary diploma being bestowed on a student's cap-and-gown-clad service dog.

Clarkson University said canine companion Griffin Hawley was awarded an honorary diploma at the December Recognition Ceremony to honor his service to class of 2019 student Brittany Hawley.

"The Board of Trustees ...Read more

Taiwan coast guard chases swimming dog for an hour

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(UPI) A Taiwan coast guard boat spent more than an hour chasing a dog spotted swimming in a ship docking area, officials said.

A video from the docking area in Kaohsiung shows the coast guard boat chasing after the dog as it casually paddles through the water.

Capt. Cai Ming Yi said coast guard personnel and marine police tried throwing a ...Read more

Dog kennel designed by Ford blocks fireworks, thunder noise

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Ford Motor Co. has developed a prototype quiet kennel for dogs by using noise-cancellation technology created for high-end vehicles sold in Europe.

For years, veterinarians have urged people to find quiet space for their pets because holiday fireworks can terrify the animals. They run away, get hit by cars, develop anxiety and stress that can ...Read more

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