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Snowboarder travels South Carolina streets pulled by dog

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(UPI) A South Carolina woman traversed the snowy streets of her city with an unusual method of transport: A snowboard pulled by her trusty dog.

Anna Shealy posted a video to Instagram showing her shredding the snowy streets of downtown Charleston while being pulled by her dog, Kodak.

Kodak effortlessly pulls the snowboarder through the fresh ...Read more

'Christmas miracle' as New Mexico husky lost for nine months shows up in KC

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If Koda could talk.

The 3-year-old husky might have some interesting -- and harrowing -- tales to tell of his journey from New Mexico to Missouri.

Koda just appeared in Jamie Bergman's backyard in Kansas City, looking a little worse for wear.

"This sweet boy showed up in our yard in Kansas City, MO on Christmas Day skinny and half frozen," ...Read more

If it is too cold to walk your dog outside, here's what you can do

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If your dog gets excited by the sight of his or her leash -- even in the middle of winter -- you might be looking for alternative ways to get in its daily walk.

Whether that's because cold weather can pose serious threats to your pet's health, or simply because it is just too cold to fully enjoy a walk with your furry friend, the cold weather ...Read more

Driving with Fido: Legal in most states, controversial in all

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WASHINGTON -- Those happy dogs sitting in a driver's lap or hanging their heads out the car window may look like the model of canine companionship. But they're also potential projectiles, poised to rocket through the air if there's a crash.

"A 10-pound dog can turn into 300 pounds of force at 30 miles an hour," said Richard Romer, AAA's state ...Read more

Dog rescued after falling through ice at New Jersey pond

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(UPI) Police and firefighters in New Jersey responded to a housing development where they used a ladder to rescue a dog that fell through the ice of a frozen pond.

The Howell Police Department said officers arrived along with Adelphia Fire Company after a 911 caller told dispatchers about 1:37 p.m. Thursday that her golden retriever had chased ...Read more

Creeping lioness flipped through the air by buffalo's horns

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(UPI) A lioness' hiding spot in some bushes near a buffalo herd in South Africa was found out by one of the animals, which used its horns to flip the predator through the air.

Bathabile Shakwane, 22, a field guide at Kruger National Park, captured video of the unusual encounter at the park.

Shakwane said she started filming when she spotted ...Read more

Cat born with rare two-faced deformity thriving despite condition

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(UPI) A kitten born in South Africa with a rare condition that caused it to grow two faces is beating the odds by thriving, its caretaker said.

The cat, dubbed Bettie Bee, was born earlier this month with three eyes, two noses and two mouths due to a rare congenital condition called craniofacial duplication. Felines with the condition are often...Read more

When Fido is sick as a dog, more pet owners turn to aromatherapy, massage, even psychics

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Brinks wasn't eating. Although green beans are among his favorite foods, he turned his nose up at two bowls of them placed around the Minnetonka, Minn., house where the yellow Lab lives.

To help, canine massage therapist Heidi Hesse rubbed Brinks in a specific spot on his ankle, an acupressure point, to soothe his lower back, bladder and ...Read more

Rare leopard wanders out of woods, approaches Russian road

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(UPI) A driver on a Russian road captured video of one of the world's rarest large cats, a far eastern leopard, wandering out of the woods and approaching the road.

The Leopard Land National Park shared footage recorded by a driver who was passing the park when a female leopard wandered out of the woods and came close to the road.

The leopard,...Read more

Fox wanders into Pennsylvania yard to play with dog toys

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(UPI) A shocked and delighted Pennsylvania resident captured video of a wild fox wandering into their yard to play with some dog toys.

The video, recorded Wednesday, shows the fox happily chewing, tossing and chasing toys that had been left in the Levittown home's back yard by the resident's dog.

The homeowner said the fox, apparently not ...Read more

The dog that tried to eat Christmas

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Birch, the new dog, has fared well for his first Christmas. He ate only one present. Since he belongs to some omnivorous breed that would start chewing on the Sphinx if we took him to Egypt, we put all the tiny ornaments high up on the tree. You might not notice if the little figurine of Yukon Cornelius is missing, and you would be confused to ...Read more

Christmas miracle: Cat reunited with family after 3 years

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(UPI) A family received an unexpected present before Christmas -- they were reunited with their cat after it was missing for three years.

A 6-year-old Bengal mix disappeared from the Florida home of Sean, Stephanie Emily Tuttle in 2014. They searched for Raja but ultimately assumed the animal was stolen.

But the cat turned up in Georgetown, ...Read more

It's Christmastime, and that means dogs are now at peak risk of chocolate poisoning

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It may be the most wonderful time of the year for people, but it's a time of peak peril for our pets.

Dogs, in particular, face a heightened risk of chocolate poisoning during the Christmas season. According to a new study, the risk is nearly five times greater than at holiday-free times of the year.

Researchers came to this conclusion by ...Read more

Swedish woman followed by wolf while taking horseback ride

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(UPI) A woman out for a horseback ride in the Swedish countryside captured video when she and the equine found themselves being followed by a wolf.

The woman said she was riding her horse in Tungelsta, in the Stockholm area, when the horse stopped in her tracks and turned toward the woods, where a wolf appeared.

"At first I couldn't see ...Read more

Arctic fox mix on the loose in New York state

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(UPI) The owner of a New York state petting zoo said an escaped Arctic fox mix that escaped two weeks ago has been spotted in the area.

Tammy Drost, owner of Michael's Farm in West Saugerties, said the Arctic fox/ranch fox mix, Jasper, escaped from the property Dec. 6 and sightings have since been reported in Margaretville, Washingtonville and ...Read more

New Jersey police officer goes out onto the ice to rescue dog

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(UPI) A New Jersey police officer strapped on a safety rope and crawled out onto a frozen pond to rescue a dog that had fallen through the ice.

The Hopewell Township Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when Officers Robert Voorhees and George Peterson responded to the dog owner's call alongside personnel from ...Read more

Kitten rescued from inside home's bathroom wall

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(UPI) A Russian homeowner ended up putting a hole in the wall of his bathroom when he discovered a kitten was trapped inside.

A video captured Dec. 12 at a home in Verkhnyaya Pyshma shows a man drilling through the wall of his home's bathroom as a kitten periodically peeks out through the hole.

The man is eventually able to make the hole large...Read more

Kangaroo chases dog and owner in wooded area

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(UPI) A territorial kangaroo chased off a golden retriever and the canine's owner when they came across the marsupial in the woods.

The video, filmed by the dog walker, shows him shouting for Sammy the golden retriever to back off and stop barking after coming face to face with the kangaroo.

The kangaroo strikes an aggressive pose and hops ...Read more

Ready to adopt a puppy? Santa can deliver your new family member to your door

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Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento has a special just for Christmas.

If your family is ready to give a puppy a forever home, you can have Santa drop the little one off on Christmas Eve.

Families can make an appointment to meet available puppies ahead of time and adopt the one that captures their hearts, Front Street says. Then Santa or ...Read more


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