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North Carolina animal shelter seeks owner of 30-pound cat

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(UPI) An animal shelter in North Carolina is seeking the owners of a particularly hefty guest: a 30-pound cat that was brought in as a stray.

Chatham County Animal Shelter on Monday shared a photo of the tubby gray tabby cat that was one of the biggest the shelter had ever seen.

"Does anyone know this cat? He is 31.4pounds! He clearly had ...Read more

Golden retriever gives birth to rare green puppy in Scotland

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(UPI) A dog owner in Scotland shared photos of her golden retriever with her litter of puppies, one of which stands out for its rare green coloration.

Louise Sutherland said her family was shocked when Rio, their 3-year-old golden retriever, gave birth to a litter that included a green puppy, which they dubbed Forest.

The puppy's eight ...Read more

Michigan salmonella outbreaks linked to backyard chickens

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DETROIT -- Some people view their backyard chickens as pets -- but they shouldn't snuggle or kiss them.

That advice comes from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is cautioning the public about a multi-state salmonella outbreak -- including in Michigan -- related to live poultry.

Though the CDC has put out similar ...Read more

VIDEO: Dog swims into the Long Island Sound to rescue baby deer

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(UPI) A New York state man captured video of his dog swimming out into the Long Island Sound to drag a struggling baby deer to safety.

Mark Freeley said he was walking Sunday morning with his golden retriever, Storm, and his other dog, Sara, when Storm ran out into the water and started swimming toward something.

Freeley's video, posted to ...Read more

Heat stroke, burned paws and limber tail: Dogs and cats face many summer dangers

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Many summer activities we all enjoy can be dangerous for our furry friends, largely due to the intense heat.

Here are some things to watch out for, to keep our pets safe.


-- Heat stroke or heat stress. Leaving your pet outside or in the car for too long can lead to heat stroke or stress. Tara Lynn, communications manager at ...Read more

Lioness photographed in Tanzania nursing leopard cub in the wild

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(UPI) A wild cat conservation group shared photos of a wild lioness nursing a leopard cub in the first known instance of such an inter-species relationship.

Panthera, a global conservation organization dedicated to big cats, shared photos snapped by Joop Van Der Linde, a recent guest at the Ndutu Lodge in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area...Read more

Mountain lion crashes through window, lands on sleeping woman

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(UPI) A California woman was sleeping in her apartment when a mountain lion crashed through a window and landed right on top of her.

Francis Muniz, apartment manager for the building on Main St. in Colusa, said the resident was sleeping July 4 when the cougar crashed through the window over her bed.

"She was asleep and it landed on her bed and...Read more

VIDEO: Wisconsin officer jumps into lagoon to rescue dog

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(UPI) A Wisconsin police officer rescued a dog from a lagoon twice -- the second time jumping into the water himself to reach the canine.

Milwaukee Police said in a Facebook post that Officers Joe Spingola and Mike Smith were talking to some kids fishing in the lagoon at McGovern Park about 6 p.m. Wednesday when they heard a splash and spotted ...Read more

Rare albino kitten 'Moonbeam' up for adoption in Los Angeles

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(UPI) A rare and unusual albino kitten at an animal shelter in California is up for adoption and seeking a permanent home.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles shared a photo of Moonbeam the 2-month-old albino kitten born with a lack of pigmentation.

Moonbeam's red-tinted eyes and pale pink skin make it a unique pet...Read more

VIDEO: Georgia police rescue dogs locked inside 167-degree car

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(UPI) -- Police in Roswell, Ga. rescued two dogs locked in a car where the temperature had soared to 167 degrees and caught it all on video.

"A concerned citizen noticed a dog suffering in a hot car and called 911. The first officer arrived in 18 seconds. What you are about to see is actual bodycam footage of the rescue and medical treatment of...Read more

Texas police rescue kitten stuck underneath car in traffic

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(UPI) A kitten in Texas was rescued by police after hiding underneath a vehicle to avoid traffic at a busy intersection on Tuesday.

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson shared photos of the tiny orange kitten that was removed from inside a car tire after a driver flagged down a nearby officer.

"911 call where a car hit a kitten," Johnson wrote....Read more

VIDEO: Airborne cat catches pigeon in mid-flight

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(UPI) An outdoor security camera in Montenegro was recording when a cat took a flying leap and snatched a pigeon out of mid-air.

The video shows security camera footage of a cobblestone alleyway in the seaside town of Budva.

The scene appears initially uneventful until a pigeon flies across the camera's frame, followed closely by an airborne ...Read more

Couple on mission to rescue and teach respect for wild, exotic creatures

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ANTIOCH, Ill. -- Humans love pigs and goats, but opossums may have a bit of an image problem.

Animal Quest founders Jessica Reedy and her husband, Steve Reedy, however, say they are on a mission to change that.

When Antioch-based Animal Quest brings Opal, the opossum, to one of many educational programs it gives throughout Illinois, Wisconsin ...Read more

Pet insurance latest trend in Silicon Valley perks

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PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Palo Alto tech companies and startups are known for giving employees perks such as free food, valet parking, laundry service and bring your dog to work days.

Lately, employee benefits have extended to pet insurance for dogs and cats as businesses look for more ways to attract and retain workers, and such policies have been ...Read more

VIDEO: Yorkie jumps on larger dog's back for pool-time piggyback

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(UPI) A YouTuber taking a swim with two canines captured the moment the smaller of the two dogs jumped onto the larger one's back while it was swimming.

A video posted to YouTube by Cat Hursh shows a large black dog named Riley being coaxed into the pool to pursue a floating toy.

Riley slowly and methodically climbs into the water and swims ...Read more

VIDEO: Man investigating high water bill discovers cat flushing the toilet

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(UPI) A pet owner who was perplexed by the size of his water bill eventually caught the cause on camera -- his cat flushing a toilet.

Curt Coleman on June 16 posted a video to YouTube showing his cat Crazy Eyes standing on the toilet's lid and using his front paws to operate the flush lever.

"This is the reason my water bill was outrageous. ...Read more

Missing dog returned to Florida family after five months

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(UPI) A Florida family was reunited with their missing dog after it was found 200 miles away from their home.

Pembroke Pines Police Department shared a photo of Sassy, the 6-year-old Pomeranian, during her tearful reunion with her family five months after disappearing from her home in Bradenton in January.

"Sassy was found by Pembroke Pines ...Read more

South Carolina police rescue injured kitten stranded in bridge traffic

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(UPI) A South Carolina police officer rescued an injured kitten that became stranded in traffic on a busy bridge.

Mount Pleasant Traffic Officer Matthew Cowdrey said he and two other officers responded Wednesday morning when several callers reported a kitten stranded on the southbound side of the Ravenel Bridge.

"I saw the kitten hunched over ...Read more

'Chapo' the kitten rescued from inside wall of jail construction site

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(UPI) Workers at a construction site for a new county jail in California discovered a kitten that had been living in the walls for several months.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday shared photos of the tiny gray kitten construction workers found while cleaning and clearing brick walls that were set to be filled with concrete.

...Read more

Kentucky town's dog mayor wins rave approvals

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(UPI) A Kentucky town's new mayor, swept into office in a landslide election, is proving popular with her "peace, love and understanding platform" -- and she's a dog.

Brynneth Pawltro, known to residents of Rabbit Hash as Brynn, was elected the unincorporated town's fourth consecutive canine mayor in January after defeating contenders including...Read more


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