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Costume Dreams and Game Night Resistance

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Dear Family Coach: Last year, my daughter, who was 8 years old, wanted her own Halloween costume to be her favorite singer, Lady Gaga. The costume was sparkly and glittery and revealed a lot of skin. I was uncomfortable with it and promised to get it next year. I figured she'd forget, but she keeps mentioning her Lady Gaga costume, even though...Read more

Overeating Boys and a Strong-Willed Girl

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Dear Family Coach: My boys, 10 and 11 years old, are terrific eaters. They love fruits and vegetables and trying all kinds of new foods. But their appetites have grown, and they seem to be getting a little chunky. How can I help them lose a few pounds without ruining their love of eating? -- Food Lover, Too

Dear Food Lover: Wow, you've ...Read more

A Gentleman's Club and a Homesick Camper

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Dear Family Coach: My son turns 18 in a couple of weeks, and for his birthday he asked me to take him to a strip club. I'm divorced from his mom, and he knows I go to gentleman's clubs every so often. But this feels sort of ... wrong. How should I handle this? -- A Gentleman

Dear Gentleman: A gentleman? I'm not so sure. As a woman, I have a ...Read more

Unholy Holocaust Remembrance and a Pet Snake

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Dear Family Coach: My grandmother died in a concentration camp in the Holocaust. This might sound weird, but as a tribute to her memory, my 20-year-old daughter wants to find out her camp number and have it tattooed on her body. She views this as a beautiful ode, however, I am beyond horrified. Legally, I can't do anything. But what can I say ...Read more

Homosexual Mothers and a Crier

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Dear Family Coach: I'm a Christian, and I believe homosexuality is a sin. My daughter is friends with a girl who is being raised by two mothers. They seem like perfectly nice people, but I do not approve of their lifestyle and do not want their choices to rub off on my child. Is it OK for me to not let her see her friend, or at least keep her ...Read more

Picky Preschooler and Star-Crossed Teen

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Dear Family Coach: Our 3-year-old daughter is insanely picky. She eats nothing! We are serving her chicken fingers, meatballs, noodles, cheese and yogurt most of the time. She won't touch anything green. How do I get her to eat vegetables? -- Frustrated

Dear Frustrated: Your daughter doesn't eat nothing. While it may seem like she refuses ...Read more

Questioning Cursing and a Hickey

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Dear Family Coach: My 7-year-old son says some of the other kids at school are cursing or talking about sexual things that he doesn't understand. He asks me what these words mean. Should I tell him the truth or make something up? I don't want to make a fool of him, but I also don't think he is ready for all of these concepts. -- Not Ready Dad ...Read more

First Sleep-Away Camp and a Break From the Kids

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Dear Family Coach: My 10-year-old son is heading out for his first summer of sleep-away camp. He'll be gone for three weeks. I'm so excited for him but also nervous. He was excited at first, too, but now he seems more nervous and anxious. How can I help him make the most of camp and not waste time being homesick? -- Camp Mom

Dear Camp Mom: It...Read more

A Moody Preteen and a Toddler Hitter

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Dear Family Coach: My daughter is almost 11, and she's a good kid. She's polite, responsible and generally good-natured. But I can see her becoming more moody, and sometimes she can become a bit disrespectful when she's grumpy. I'm trying to figure out what to let pass and what to address. I find it especially hard to ignore when we're in ...Read more

Young Dating Relationships and a Fresh Teen

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Dear Family Coach: My son is in sixth grade, and has a girlfriend. Their relationship mostly consists of texts and an occasional movie date. He likes the girl, but he doesn't communicate very well over text. Recently, the girl's mother approached me asking whether I could tell her daughter that I took my son's phone away so she wouldn't be ...Read more

Precocious Puberty and Graduation Conflicts

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Dear Family Coach: I have a 12-year-old daughter who is rapidly developing into a woman. She is uncomfortable with the attention she is getting due to her new womanly proportions. I see her covering up and wearing excessively baggy clothing. Her confidence is plummeting. How can I empower her to feel comfortable and confident in her new skin? ...Read more

Parents Tattling and Splitting a Family

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Dear Family Coach: My friend's daughter (who is good friends with my daughter) is partying and drinking almost every night. It's the end of the year, and she should be studying. Instead she is posting pictures of herself pounding beers on social media. I'd like to tell my friend because if I were her parent, I would want to know. But my ...Read more

A Slacker and Vacation Antics

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Dear Family Coach: Our daughter is a very gifted volleyball player. Her coaches say she has great potential for a scholarship to a top college. Instead of that information motivating her, it seems to feed her ego. She isn't following through with her coaches' recommendations for training. I'm nagging her constantly because I'm afraid that if I...Read more

Birth Control and Dying Family Dog

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Dear Family Coach: My 16-year-old daughter has a serious boyfriend. I hope she chooses not to have sex, but if she does, I'd like to ensure I don't become a grandma just yet. I want to put her on birth control, but I also don't want her to think I'm in full support of teenage sex. How can I handle this situation? -- Better Safe Than Sorry Mom ...Read more

A Teacher Crush and Lousy Gift Givers

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Dear Family Coach: My son is 12, and he clearly has a crush on his math teacher. I've noticed little notes he's written about her. I'm worried he will say something embarrassing or cross the line in some way. How should I approach this situation? -- Mom o' Loverboy

Dear Mom: I'm pretty sure this was a plotline for an episode of "The Brady ...Read more

Coach Dad and Fixing Family Dinner

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Dear Family Coach: I've been coaching my 10-year-old son's baseball team for a few years. I enjoy spending the time together, but it seems like I have a more difficult time coaching my own son. Do you have any tips for how I can be more effective with my own kid? -- Coach

Dear Coach: There is something heartwarming and nostalgic about a ...Read more

A Solo Concert and a Bully Intervention

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Dear Family Coach: My daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks. Instead of a party, she wants to attend a Green Day concert without me. She'd like to invite two other girls to join her. I don't feel she is old enough to go on her own with friends. What do you think? -- Worrier

Dear Worrier: There are so many factors to consider when making this ...Read more

A Large Bank Account and a Fallen Hero

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Dear Family Coach: My 18-year-old son was in a terrible car accident a few years ago, and he received a large cash settlement. Since I am listed on his bank account, I can see how he is spending his money. I'm sick to learn that he is blowing it away on parties, pizza and T-shirts. I know it's his money, but is there anything I can do to ...Read more

Choosing a College and a Religious Divide

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Dear Family Coach: The time has come for my son to choose a college. He has it in his head that he wants to attend a small rural liberal arts college with limited offerings. My husband and I think this school would be a terrible fit for him. Should we allow him to make his own decision even if we think it's a bad one? -- Grad's Mom and Dad

...Read more

A Teen's Mustache and a Potty Obsession

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Dear Family Coach: My 13-year-old son has a mustache, and I cannot stand it. It's more fuzzy than bushy, and it makes him look much older than he is. I've been begging him to shave it, but he refuses. Even some kids at school are harassing him and calling him Mustachio. How can I get him to shave it for his own good? -- Mustachio's Mom

Dear ...Read more

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