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Parents Have Fallen in Love With Giving Choices

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: Our only child is a 6-year-old kindergartener. How do we turn the "V" in the "V of Love" that you have spoken and written about back up the right way? Also, because he is oversensitive, how do we encourage him to try new things and take risks?

A: Parents and even teachers seem to have fallen in love with the concept of giving children ...Read more

Child Has Uneven Abilities

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My son has above-average ability but slow processing speed. He experiences frustration and confidence problems because he understands what he is learning but can't always write or verbalize this understanding. What can his teachers and we, his family, do to support him?

A: There are many ways you can help your son and many possible causes ...Read more

Arguments Between Sisters Are Typical

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My 6- and 8-year-old daughters argue and fight over any matter, big or small, important or not. My 8-year-old also sometimes takes on the role of parent and tries to instruct or punish her younger sister. Could you offer any advice or solutions as to how I can help improve their relationship?

A: Most siblings do a bit of arguing, and it is...Read more

Mother Needs to Move On

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My 10-year-old niece recently confided in me that she feels "sick to her stomach" whenever an event is coming up where her divorced parents will both be in attendance. Her mother (my sister) and her husband divorced three years ago. Her father has since remarried, and my sister has remained single. My niece said her father's new wife is ...Read more

Boy Feels Like a Girl

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My 7-year-old son has always seemed like a typical little boy but has told me recently that sometimes he feels like a girl. I paused when he said this because I have noticed him developing mannerisms that to me appear more feminine than masculine. I asked him whether someone told him he looks or acts like a girl, and he said no.

He plays ...Read more

Electronics Are Changing Our Children

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: As summer approaches, I am seeking advice as to how I can interest my sons in spending more time outdoors. They are plenty old enough to play in the yard by themselves or with each other, and I can't stand the thought of them sitting in the house all day when it's beautiful outside because their electronics have a greater pull over them ...Read more

New Relationship Includes Problems

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I am a man with a love interest who has eidetic memory, also referred to as photographic memory. Eidetic memory is the ability to recall images in great detail after only a short exposure. We are both in our 50s, and I have been reading quite a bit about what it's like for someone to have eidetic memory. In addition, I believe that she ...Read more

Time to Learn to Cope With Frustration

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My 9-year-old son really likes to play video games, and most of the time, he does well and enjoys himself. However, when he struggles or loses a game, he becomes very upset -- to the point of tantrums -- and often throws things and cries. Why does he get so upset? How can I help him to understand that it is just a game and is supposed to be...Read more

Threesome Friendships Can Be Difficult

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My daughter is 5 years old and in kindergarten. She has two very close friends in her class, who are also girls. The three little girls continue to get along very well, but my daughter often complains after school about one of them being left out and the other two deciding they are "best friends," if only for that day. From what I am ...Read more

Teaching a Work Ethic Is Important

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My sons are in middle school, and with as fast as time flies, I worry that I am not doing a good enough job now of preparing them for life after high school and college. As a primarily stay-at-home mom, I have always just taken care of the majority of household chores and yardwork, and my sons are asked to do very little. They are good, ...Read more

10-Year-Olds Have Fears, Too

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My fifth-grade son has recently started a new behavior at night that has my husband and me worried that something may be bothering him. He will be fine all day, during the evening and at bedtime, but within about 30 minutes after we tell him "lights off," he will show up in our room in tears saying he can't breathe or his chest hurts. We ...Read more

Technology Steals Children's Attention

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I have two children, ages 11 and 5. Both are very bright, loving and well-behaved. It would honestly be difficult to wish for children any better, but my husband and I are continually frustrated by their lack of interest in any hobby or activity that does not involve the TV, a video game or the presence of another person. It would be nice ...Read more

Parent Wants to Teach Child to Cope With Challenges

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: How does one balance and wisely create appropriate challenges for kids without leading them to shut down or to stop learning?

A: In order to encourage children to risk doing difficult or challenging activities at home or at school, you need to instill in them the importance of being a hard worker who perseveres. When children do persist at...Read more

Anxious Child Needs Strategies

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My son falls in the supersensitive category and wears his emotions on his sleeve (and everywhere else). He often snowballs; he has on one problem, and that reminds him of another, and he keeps going. What are some strategies to get him back on track when he is snowballing?

A: It does sound as if small problems for your son send him into a ...Read more

Sensitive Adolescent Struggling

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I have a daughter who just turned 14 and is on an emotional roller coaster. She struggles with relationships and self-image, which I know is perfectly normal for a teenage girl. She is also quite creative and imaginative and is prone to self-diagnosis. A few months ago, she was convinced she was a sociopath. That didn't fit, because my ...Read more

Child Looking for Purpose in Life

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: What would your advice be when a child asks these two questions: What is the purpose of life, and why was I born?

A: Most of us have asked those questions at some time in our lives, and eventually we compose our own answers and live our lives based around those answers. When children ask these questions, they can represent something very ...Read more

Sensitive Parent Deserves Respect

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q. My 16-year-old daughter thinks nothing of swearing at me, and often yells at me using the "F" word. I have responded by telling her that it is unacceptable to speak to me that way and that others will not respect her for the way she talks to her parent. Unfortunately, this has been to no avail.

I will admit that I am a sensitive person, ...Read more

Teaching Kids to Be Good Sports Isn't Easy

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q. I have two very competitive kids. They start to cry when they are beginning to lose, even before the game is over. How can I help them with this? What can I do so that they know they won't win every time, and that it's OK?

A. You haven't mentioned the age of your children, but if they're still crying when they lose, they must be fairly ...Read more

Chat Times Can Go On Through Teen Years

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: My ex-husband and I both still lie next to our boys and talk about the day and just whatever is on our mind. Our elder son is 18, and the other is 13. They share a room. Our 13-year-old told me last weekend that he gets angry because his dad lies in his brother's bed for a long time and then only sits in his bed for a short time before giving...Read more

Parents Concerned About Twin Competition

Parents / Sylvia Rimm /

Q: I have fraternal twins. One outshines the other in just about every area, despite the fact that they are both smart in these same areas and are both grade-advanced. We try to get them interested in different areas, subjects and sports so both have their own "thing," but so far, they want to participate in the same activities.

How do we ...Read more


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