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Stay-at-Home Parenting

Are you ready to be a stay-at-home parent -- and still work? Take this fun quiz and see if you're ready to start working from home while raising your children. The higher your score, the more ready you are! Our results page will indicate correct and incorrect answers, however, they should be viewed as "suggested" answers to determine if you are ready to be a stay-at-home parent. All questions and answers submitted and copyrighted by parenting expert Christine Louise Hohlbaum.

Points available: 14


Can you deal with minor distractions such as little kids running under your desk during a wild game of hide-and-seek or a curious spouse who asks you questions while you're on the phone with a client? (for 1 points)


Do you require in-the-flesh adult contact (the UPS man does not count)? (for 1 points)


Do you like being your own boss? (for 1 points)


Do you like to stay in your pj's all morning? (for 1 points)


How many kids can your house handle before clients start noticing you're calling from your locked bedroom? (for 2 points)


Do you oppose your children watching an occasional episode of Sponge Bob while you have a teleconference? (for 1 points)


Are you tempted to procrastinate by organizing your spice rack instead of making that cold call? (for 1 points)


Are you coherent at midnight when the house is finally quiet? (for 1 points)


Do boundaries really matter to you? (for 1 points)


How important is watching your kid ride his bike for the very first time because you can see your driveway from your home office window? (for 4 points)


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