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Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for sequences of strong violence, action and some language.

What it’s about: The sequel to "Black Panther" takes on the world without T'Challa, and Chadwick Boseman, introducing new heroes, new villains and some who straddle the line.

The kid attractor factor: It's a big superhero Marvel movie — kids will be excited for the big screen spectacle and heroes on screen.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Science and spirituality go hand in hand. You have to learn to grieve in order to let go. Allies should be united against a common goal instead of at odds with each other.

Violence: Some fantasy violence, fighting, car chases, spearing, stabbing, some onscreen deaths, but nothing that bloody or gory.


Language: A couple of instances of strong language.

Sex: None

Drugs: None

Parents’ advisory: OK for older kids and teens. The violence and action might be too much for young kids.


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