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Coronavirus: Florida couple die within six minutes of one another

Leslie Gray Streeter, The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville on

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To those who knew them, Stuart and Adrian Baker were the kind of people "who did things unconditionally," said their son-in-law, Antonio De Corral.

"They were wonderful people, who had a lot of friends and family, always willing to help out, and were very loved by their neighbors here and in New York and other areas."

But then they got sick from coronavirus.

And after 51 years of marriage, the New York couple who retired to Tuscany Bay outside Boynton Beach, died with one another, just six minutes apart from the virus that has killed nearly three dozen people in Palm Beach County.

Like many who have suffered from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, they felt sick but were sent home.

In early March, they went to their doctor and were sent home, their son, NFL agent Buddy Baker told CNN. They didn't get better.


So they went to Bethesda Hospital East in Boynton Beach. They were sent home and told to self-quarantine, which they did, CNN reported.

But they didn't get better.

Baker, who could not be reached Saturday, told CNN that he would call to check on his parents regularly, but their health didn't seem to be improving. One day, they seemed to be on the up, and then the next day, they'd be feeling worse again.

Their health slipping, on March 19, they were told to return to the hospital. Baker's father, who had a fever and also had asthma, was admitted, CNN reported. His mother, who did not have a fever, was not.


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