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Life hacks every mom should know before traveling with kids

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There are lots of reasons to travel with your kids.

Maybe for your family, it's about wanting to learn about different people and places. It may be because you want to travel yourself and wouldn't think of going without your kids. Maybe you just want to have fun as a family. These are great reasons to hit the road with your kids, and it doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a list of cool tips to make your journeys go a little smoother.

1. If it can't be used for more than one thing, it does not go on the trip.

I learned this one from camping with a toddler. No matter what kind of trip you are planning, or how old your child, make this a rule: Everything must be multipurpose. Camp dish pan? It should be large enough to bathe the baby. Your carry-on bag for your flight could also work as a picnic bag at your destination. Consider even using a soft-sided cooler as your carry-on.

2. When all else fails to entertain, look for rocks.

Pull the car over at the next rest stop and see who can find the prettiest rock. It works every time. (Well, maybe not with sulky teens.) There is something about picking up rocks that connects us to the Earth. Get in the habit of looking for rocks everywhere you go, and you and your kids have not only a free hobby, but one that involves learning when you spend time looking up what kind of rocks you found.

3. Give everyone a camera.

Phones are OK for taking pictures, but if your goal is to get the kids to put down the phones and tablets for a bit, put an actual camera in their hands. Taking photos for the pure joy of taking them, without the worrying about posting them immediately on social media is a creative way to get the kids interacting with each other and to really see the sites of the destination. All the major camera manufacturers have point-and-shoot models under $40. It's a worthwhile investment.

4. Earn miles like a mother!

Guidebook author and blogger, Shelly Rivoli, offered the following advice about collecting miles:


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