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The Terrible Toys of 2021

Lenore Skenazy on

In the face of the supply chain crunch, some parents are making do with the only toys left on the shelves. These include:

Chutes and Lepers: The game is the same. The graphics are ... disturbing.

Skanky: A Slinky that stays out all night and stumbles down the stairs.

Supersize Fidget Spinner: Pizza-size version of the popular gadget.

Hangry, Hangry Hippos: Life-size. Animatronic. Ravenous.

Big Wheel (of Brie): Do not ride in the sun.


Screw You Bears: Their more caring relatives are sitting in a container off Macao.

Rubik's Red-Hot Cube: Heats up to 525 F. Oven mitts suggested.

GI Infection Joe: Not all heroes get the digestive tract they deserve.

Cards Against Hannity: Always starts a fight!


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