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We're living in 'Freaky Friday' the coronavirus edition

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

Everyone's noticing that the roles are reversed at the moment: Those over 50 or so are being hectored by their protective progeny to stop going out to have lunch with friends or play cards or stroll the neighborhood. "Wash all the clothes you went out in today -- including Daddy's jeans ... Bring Clorox wipes ... Use baggies for gloves ... "

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Video games are distance learning, too

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

Seven days in a row, 19 hours a day -- not counting time for meals, Snapchat and that online math assignment.

That could be how long your kids have been playing Fortnite since the quarantine began -- and that is perfectly fine. In fact, maybe it's time for you to join them.

Seriously, there are a couple of bigger things to worry about now, ...Read more

A coronavirus conversation with the kids

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

How should you talk to your kids about the coronavirus?

Ironically, CNN actually recommends to "resist the urge to bombard them with every possible headline or piece of information about the outbreak." Twenty-four-hour news channel: Heal thyself!

But you can't expect a media outlet not to offer tips at a time like this. It has become part of ...Read more

A Wabi-Sabi Birthday

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

The online parenting world can be a strange place filled with strange concerns, but surely this is one of the strangest: A mom wrote to a mommy blog that she would like to literally change the date of her son's birthday -- or at least lie to him about the date he was born -- so they wouldn't have to celebrate on the day after Christmas, which is...Read more

A Modern Dinner Party

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

Are you free for supper

Next Sunday night at 9?

We're having some folks over

And hope you'll come and dine!

Just let us know if you might

Be allergic to

Crusty, fresh-baked baguettes,

Champagne or French beef stew.

You know, I went to chef school

And earned a Mich'lin star,

But not to worry; I know

How diners these days are!

So, if...Read more

Americans are hungry for sickening stories of innocence violated

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

A Springfield, Ohio, man spotted a van -- guess what color -- that he thought was trying to kidnap a girl, and he ran off to chase it in the most modern of ways: livestreaming the whole thing on Facebook. The van got away, but the man posted the video, which went locally viral.

Here we must commend Springfield's WHIO TV 7 for checking to see if...Read more

Making it legal to let kids play outside

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

America may be divided along partisan lines when it comes to everything from walls to wars, but in Colorado, two state representatives -- one Democrat, one Republican -- are co-sponsoring their first bill together. It guarantees that kids can enjoy some independence -- walk to school, play outside, etc. -- without it being mistaken for neglect. ...Read more

The real threat is to our country is dissolving into distrust

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

"Do we really need this?"

That's what a mom from Idaho wrote to me, forwarding a note from her local school district about a new security system it's installing: Raptor Technologies' visitor management system.

The note featured a video of how the system (basically a government ID scanner) works. It shows a mom arriving at her kid's school. She...Read more

A bruise is not always abuse

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

"Taking her to our own hospital was the single most harmful decision that we made for our baby."

So said a dad who worried he'd accidentally injured his newly adopted infant by rolling into her when they both dozed off. He took her to the hospital just to make sure she was fine. Turns out she had suffered a minor fracture that is common in ...Read more

How Grit and Grace Get Revealed

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

What does it take to become extraordinary?

Extraordinary circumstances? Gifts? Character?

Are many people extraordinarily something or other -- graceful, funny, wise, determined? And if so, do they all discover this, or does it take some enormous challenge to bring the "extraordinariness" out?

Maybe you have the answer. I don't. All I know ...Read more

Parents as Prison Guards

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

When people ask me what has been the biggest change in parenting in the last generation or two, I could say:


Travel soccer for 9-year-olds.


Or the incredible spike in allergies or the way parents are expected to look at their kids' grades online every day or all the really gross Halloween decorations out there. ...Read more


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