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The cat in the lap who's on Zoom in a room

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

The sun, it did shine

All that nice, nice spring day.

But we sat there inside

For a work-at-home day.

I sat there with Sally,

And Shawna and Lou

And Wayne from accounting

(Was he in the loo?)

And I said, "How I wish

I was sniffing some glue."

We could not go out.

We could not convene.

We sat there on Zoom,

And we stared at the ...Read more

So, you're bored, kids?

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

"I'm not letting anyone in this house give a haircut yet, but that day may come."

So says Vanessa Elias, a parenting coach (and founder of parent coaching business Thrive With a Guide), a mom of three girls ages 18, 16 and 11, and a free play advocate in her town of Wilton, Connecticut. Frankly, she's also my friend.

Vanessa came up with the ...Read more

Pomp and (very weird) circumstance

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

As most of America's college seniors won't be having an in-person graduation this year, we are providing them with the guest speech by a semifamous alum or semigenerous donor you probably would have heard. Graduates, just fill in the blanks, and you'll feel like you're there (bored and boiling):

Greetings, students, parents, deans, ...Read more

COVID-19 fears inspire a bizarre revenge plot

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

What's a parent to do? It was early in March, COVID-19 fears were on the rise, and two Kentucky parents who were new to the state needed to open up a bank account. Seeing no other option, they took their young kids into the bank with them.

By the time they returned home from their errand, a child protective services caseworker and a law ...Read more

Kids deserve pandemic playtime without their parents getting arrested

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

As if parents don't have enough to worry about in the midst of a pandemic, last week, I got a terribly upsetting email from a dad who wrote to say that Child Protective Services, or CPS, had come to investigate him.

Not because his kids weren't social distancing. Not because of any beatings or starvation or deliberate exposure to dangerous ...Read more

Kids Coming Into Their Own

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

Nobody is saying hooray for the pandemic. But at Let Grow, we are witnessing an amazing phenomenon that is going underreported -- perhaps even unnoticed.

The uncoddling of the American kid.

Children have always been far more competent than our culture gave them credit for. They never needed all those trophies. They needed responsibility, ...Read more

Get ready for post-traumatic surprise

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

So, here's something you might not have heard of: post-traumatic growth. I promise I am not making this up just to cheer anybody up. But I hope it does cheer you up, because it's real.

"We are far more resilient than we give each other credit for," says Dr. Samantha Boardman, founder of the website Positive Prescription and assistant attending ...Read more

We're living in 'Freaky Friday' the coronavirus edition

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

Everyone's noticing that the roles are reversed at the moment: Those over 50 or so are being hectored by their protective progeny to stop going out to have lunch with friends or play cards or stroll the neighborhood. "Wash all the clothes you went out in today -- including Daddy's jeans ... Bring Clorox wipes ... Use baggies for gloves ... "

...Read more

Video games are distance learning, too

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

Seven days in a row, 19 hours a day -- not counting time for meals, Snapchat and that online math assignment.

That could be how long your kids have been playing Fortnite since the quarantine began -- and that is perfectly fine. In fact, maybe it's time for you to join them.

Seriously, there are a couple of bigger things to worry about now, ...Read more

A coronavirus conversation with the kids

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

How should you talk to your kids about the coronavirus?

Ironically, CNN actually recommends to "resist the urge to bombard them with every possible headline or piece of information about the outbreak." Twenty-four-hour news channel: Heal thyself!

But you can't expect a media outlet not to offer tips at a time like this. It has become part of ...Read more

A Wabi-Sabi Birthday

Parents / Lenore Skanazy /

The online parenting world can be a strange place filled with strange concerns, but surely this is one of the strangest: A mom wrote to a mommy blog that she would like to literally change the date of her son's birthday -- or at least lie to him about the date he was born -- so they wouldn't have to celebrate on the day after Christmas, which is...Read more


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