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Kids will love the ending of a relieved Hilda in her bed who discovers that "all the spoons and forks from the kitchen and three cans of sardines in tomato sauce."

With the look of a classic picture book, "Three Little Monkeys" is incredibly fun.

"Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes" by Tim Wynne-Jones; illustrated by Brian Won; Candlewick Press; 32 pages; $16.99.

With a hip, mod look, Tim Wynne-Jones' latest makes shoe shopping a secret-agent mom and son mission extraordinaire. Sam, or S.A.M., and Mother K. (Kay) try on lots of shoes, and they both choose tiger-stripe designs so they can roar and run fast. This inspires Sam to plan for world domination with his stuffed animal friends, but first he must find K., who's not in the Holding Cell of Despair (the toilet), the Torture Chamber (the piano room) or the Rocket Silo (the garage). K. is actually hanging up clothes outside and "bringing in the clouds," so the pair watches the storm, "drinking mounds of lava topped with dollops of candied gardenia and pearls."

Truly a witty, cool joy to read, "Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes" is stylish enough to entice kids and adults.

"Come Home Already!" by Jory John and Benji Davies; HarperCollins; 32 pages; $17.99.


The third in the hysterical picture book series about a one-sided friendship, "Come Home Already!", sends Bear off on a fishing trip on his own to get away from Duck. But Duck is so lonely and sets out to find his best pal. Since Bear is having a hard time of it all, with rain and a lack of food and company, he's not horribly disappointed to see Duck, and the pair has a nice night in the great outdoors. In the morning, though, Duck starts to annoy, and Bear is stunned into silence once again.

Fantastically funny in its depiction of the annoyances of others, the Bear and Duck series is sympathetic to that younger sibling or classmate who irritates but is somehow endearing to all of us.


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