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Sing, Dance and Dream With Your Kids

Lee Littlewood on

Fresh, clear and lovely, Penner's songs are as lilting and fun as can be.

"Just Dance" by Twinkle; Twinkle Time Records; $10 CD & download.

Called the kids version of Lady Gaga, effervescent Peruvian-American artist Twinkle released her energetic pop and glam hip-hop dance CD recently, which should move kids off the couch to shimmy and shake. With an EDM slant and a positive, life-affirming theme, "Just Dance" makes sure the Bruno Mars- or Lady Gaga-esque music is age-appropriate and unique, like "a whirling, swirling ... confetti explosion!" It's wild and fun, perfect for dance parties and exercise time.

"Lead Belly, Baby!" from Dan Zanes and Friends; Smithsonian Folkways.

Iconic children's performer Dan Zanes says Lead Belly was the reason he became a singer. Belly was "The King of the 12-String Guitar," who loved performing for children. On this album, his folk standards are performed in a variety of styles by Zanes and friends, with smart wordplay and uber-cool presentation. Like Belly, Zanes' dozen albums draw innumerable family fans.


From MCs who trade lines on "Skip to My Lou" to a psychedelic folk interpretation of "Rock Island Line" and a bilingual version of "Cotton Fields," "Lead Belly, Baby!" offers up 15 groovy tunes, a 40-page booklet with lyrics and liner notes, and top-notch presentation from Smithsonian Folkways.

To order, visit the Folkways website.


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