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Halloween Tales To Slightly Spook

Lee Littlewood on

Funny and quirky and colorful, "Halloween ABC" is a treat.

"This Book is Full of Monsters" by Guido Van Genechten; Clavis Books; 28 pages; $17.95.

Kids ages four and up who are a little more scary-savvy will enjoy Guido Van Genechten's latest, full of "small, disgusting, shrieking, super scary monsters!" With names like Eddy and Mr. Creep and Ga-ga-goo-goo, even Sticky Steve, the creatures in these pages are uniquely weird and smelly. In fact, the first page encourages these items are needed - clothes pin, earplugs, rubber boots, gloves, courage (lots), guts (tons) and nerves (of steel). A purple pop-up surprise ends the slightly gross, wacky collection, with a yellow-eyed monster oozing from the mouth. Never fear, if the book is closed quickly, the monster disappears.

Did you get through this creepy journey? Good! A "Diploma of Bravery" awaits readers because "No monster was too dirty, too loud, too ugly or too scary for him/her."

"Hedgehugs: Autumn Hide-and-Seek" by Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper; Henry Holt; 32 pages; $16.99.

Horace and Hattie Hedgehogs are the very best of friends who star in this adorable picture book series. As autumn approaches, they follow slimy snail trails, search for spiderwebs, watch leaves fall, and are surprised by an adorable purple bat who becomes their new best pal.


The ensuing fall game of hide-and-seek with the best friends and cute flying bat is sweet, especially when they convince him to fly the leaves back onto the bare tree.

Part of a truly lovely series, this "Hedgehugs" tale makes perfect autumn bedtime reading.


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