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Exciting, action-packed writing from "The Zombie Chasers" series writer John Kloepfer gets cozily inside the mind of a boy who is frantically conflicted about making friends with bullies and saving his town. Freddie has the makings of a middle school hero and gives it his all with the help of friends.

Fans will be happy that Kloepfer continues this exciting story for 8- to-12-year olds in the soon-to-be-released follow-up, "Monsters Released: Bugging Out."

"I Love You More than the Smell of Swamp Gas" by Kevan Atteberry; HarperCollins; 32 pages; $17.99.

Papa and little Monster "love nothing more than a swamp." But the little pink green-haired monster feels a tad jealous and asks, "Do you love me as much as the skink that you chase or the smell of the swamp or the beasts in this place?" Papa reassures him on one hilarious page spread that he loves his little monster as much as "bloodsucking ducks," "moonstruck raccoons" and even "two two-headed bears."

Bold, neon-colored nighttime scenes are lit up by friendly moonshine, the perfect stage for Kevan Atteberry's song-like, gentle, humorous rhyming picture book.


More sure-to-be-popular monster tales include "Even Monsters Need to Sleep" by Lisa Wheeler (HarperCollins), with a bevy of friendly, otherworldly monsters and their bedtime routines; "Monster Trucks" by Joy Keller (Henry Holt), a gentle yet funny rhyming look at whimsical monsters paving roads, hauling muck and eventually heading home to their monster beds; "The Want Monsters and How They Stopped Ruling My World" by Chelo Manchego (Shambhala Publications), the thoughtful tale of how a boy learns to tame his "want monster" named Oskar without hurting his feelings.


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