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Evolved Board Books Offer Hands-On Entertainment

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Lately, board books offer much more than simple stories (though those are vital to tots' development as well). These let babies, toddlers and preschoolers touch, spin, pull tabs, listen to animal sounds and learn about fine art.

"Fly" by Xavier Deneux; Chronicle Books; 16 pages; $17.99.

This joyous celebration of natural life is the newest ...Read more

Rhyming Reads for Every Need

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Prolific poet and Newbery Medal-winning author Kwame Alexander releases a poetry gem, and a few other rhyming tales bring verse to springtime.

"Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets" by Kwame Alexander with Chris Colderley and Marjory Wentworth; illustrated by Ekua Holmes; Candlewick Press; 56 pages; $16.99.

His novel told in verse, "The ...Read more

Artwork Comes to Life in New Books for the Whole Family

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These gorgeous books showcase beautiful art perfect for the whole family. A nature poster book, unique coloring books and a coffee table tome featuring ethereal trees are all refreshingly beautiful and incredibly cool.

"Botanicum" curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis; Big Picture Books/Candlewick; 96 pages; $35.

Like uncovering a vintage ...Read more

Fun Easter-Themed Books

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Books for Easter have less sugar and last longer than candy. These lively tales capture the magic of Easter and all things springtime.

"Tucker Digs Easter" by Leslie McGuirk; Candlewick Press; 28 pages; $7.99.

Though Leslie McGuirk's Easter dog tale is a board book, it reads as a complete picture book story. Tucker, the little white dog, ...Read more

Books to Empower Middle Schoolers, Starring Boys Who Aren't Superheroes

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Kids ages of 8 to 12 or 13 can seem happy and well-adjusted on the outside but be full of fears and insecurities on the inside. These books help them see that other kids face the same challenges. They also star boys -- a group that's becoming harder and harder to reach with books.

"The Icarus Show" by Sally Christie; David Fickling Books/...Read more

New Children's Music That Rivals Adult Fare

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In the last 10 years or so, I've been blown away by the sophistication, musicality and alternative fun factor of children's music. No longer is the genre populated by staid nursery rhymes and childlike voices. These CDs will liven up and smarten your kids. A few are from tried-and-true classics.

"Born in the Deep Woods" from Red Yarn; $12.99 ...Read more

Fun Times With Innovative Activity Books

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These super cool new books invite kids of all ages to engage their artsy and playful sides without using electronics.

"Flippin' Awesome" by Sarah Doughty; Race Horse for Young Readers/Sky Horse Publishing; 64 pages; $14.99.

Bottle flipping is a captivating new feat for middle school kids. The act of flipping a water bottle through the air to...Read more

For a Dose of Happy, Try a Happy Book

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These lighthearted books will help your kids start off every day with a smile and a laugh.

"Cockatoo, Too" by Bethanie Deeney Murguia; Little Bee Books; 32 pages; $17.99.

Are there any happier backdrops than lush tropical foliage, colorful exotic flowers and wide-eyed cockatoos? I think not! Bethanie Deeney Murguia's fascination with word ...Read more

Books About Girl Power

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It seems the time is ripe to remind girls how worthy and strong they are. These new books are about women who made history and fictional girls with impressive stories.

"100 Women Who Made History" by DK; DK Children; 128 pages; $16.99.

Many people don't know that March is Women's History Month. To celebrate, this big organized tome features ...Read more

Refreshers for the Mind

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These books will help children keep what they've learned fresh for the next few months.

"Ann and Nan are Anagrams: A Mixed-Up Word Dilemma" by Mark Shulman and Adam McCauley; Chronicle Books; 36 pages; $16.99.

An anagram is a fun way to mix up the letters of a word, resulting in a completely different meaning. "Words" becomes "sword"; "...Read more

Dog Tales for Tough Times

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Stories about relationships between dogs and humans have always been popular. These books tell the comforting, adventurous and even life-saving stories of our loyal, loving four-footed friends.

"The Poet's Dog" by Patricia MacLachlan; HarperCollins; 88 pages; $14.99.

The prolific Patricia MacLachlan has penned a heart-tugger, a thoughtful ...Read more

Why Get One Book When You Get Many Books in One?

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Story compilations make smart gifts. If a reader enjoys one book from an author, chances are he or she will enjoy another. These collections contain several books, or book excerpts and accessories, in one volume.

"Wonderful, Wicked, and Whizzpopping" from Roald Dahl; illustrated by Quentin Blake; Penguin/Random House; 60 pages; $24.99.

Roald...Read more

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