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Reminders of Peace, Love and Compassion

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These days, it feels like we all need motivational reminders of the goodness of people. These new children's books seek to reassure children of their worth and introduce a fighter for justice for all.

"The Golden Thread: A Song for Pete Seeger" by Colin Meloy; illustrated by Nikki McClure; HarperCollins; 48 pages; $18.99.

Pete Seeger rallied...Read more

Celebrate Black History Month All Year Long

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February is Black History Month, but the stories in these books resonate every month of the year. Now especially, black heroes need to be remembered and celebrated.

"Betty Before X" by Ilyasah Shabazz with Renee Watson; Farrar Straus Giroux; 248 pages; $16.99.

"Freedom is a strong seed," said Langston Hughes. The seed for freedom in this ...Read more

Nonfiction Books Wow With Facts

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Some young readers prefer reading real facts in their books; others learn much from exciting nonfiction tales. These books introduce youngsters to horses, elephants, extreme weather and 14 extraordinary young women.

"How to Be an Elephant" by Katherine Roy; David Macaulay Studios/Roaring Brook Press; 44 pages; $18.99.

Elephants need all the ...Read more

Middle-of-the-School-Year Blues

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With holiday breaks and the middle-of-the-school-year blahs, it's time for some exciting children's books to keep learning fun. This group is vivid, cool and, in one case, a proactive way to help the oceans.

"Curious Constructions" by Michael Hearst; illustrated by Matt Johnstone; Chronicle Books; 102 pages; $19.99.

Engineering, construction...Read more

Fresh Tales for a Fresh New Year

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These new children's books offer a positive, fresh spin on a new start: the beginning of 2018.

"We're Going to Be Friends" by Jack White; illustrated by Elinor Blake; Third Man Books; 32 pages; $16.95.

Surprisingly penned by quirky rock star Jack White of The White Stripes, this zippy encouragement for making new friends is at once adorable ...Read more

Adventurous Tales Full of Life and Love

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The best children's book has just the right balance of adventure, humor and love. These new stories have all those and more.

"The Antlered Ship" by Dashka Slater; illustrated by Eric Fan and Terry Fan; Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster; 42 pages; $17.99.

With an abundance of creative award-winning talent behind this enchanting myth, "The ...Read more

More Snowy Holiday Tales for Tots

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Gnomes, elves and a snowy play scene star in these frosty new tales for kids that will make reading fun all year long.

"Game of Gnomes" by Kirsten Mayer; illustrated by Laura K. Horton; Imprint/Macmillan; 34 pages; $16.99.

With the Winter Olympics coming up, Kirsten Meyer's zesty story about a competitive red-haired gnome named Ginger should...Read more

Holiday Books Bring Fun to December

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Books about upcoming holidays provide anticipatory excitement and activities for children. These new releases will help kids weather December school days and look forward to holiday celebrations.

"Santa, Please Bring Me a Gnome" by An Swerts; illustrations by Eline van Lindenhuizen; Clavis New York; 28 pages; $17.99.

This homey, whimsical ...Read more

Refreshing, Hip, Happy Holiday Books

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'Tis the season for lightening up and smiling. These new wintry holiday season picture books are full of whimsy, humor and cool mod artwork.

"The Littlest Reindeer" by Nicola Killen; Simon & Schuster; 32 pages; $15.99.

With a modern color scheme of grays, muted blacks, creams and reds, Nicola Killen shows off a dreamy winter wonderland with ...Read more

Protect, Appreciate and Love All Creatures

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The children's-book author crowd always rises to social challenges in a timely and sensitive manner. With recent attacks on animal rights, picture books that celebrate animals help encourage young readers to treat all living things kindly. These new tales empower children to realize they can be caring stewards of the animal kingdom.

"The Boy ...Read more

Holiday Book Shopping Starts Now

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Hard to believe, but it's nearly time to start holiday shopping. Remember: Reading is fundamental, and books are the gifts that keep on giving. These new books and sets will make some young people very happy.

"Dragons Love Tacos: The Definitive Collection" by Adam Rubin; illustrated by Daniel Salmieri; Dial/Penguin; $24.

Who doesn't love ...Read more

Sing, Dance and Dream With Your Kids

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Get your kids off their electronic devices and TVs with some invigorating, inspiring and relaxing music that's meant just for them but has wide appeal. These new children's CDs are high-quality entertainment for all ages. If not mentioned, prices vary.

"Mundo Verde/Green World" by Mister G., Coil Records; $14.99 CD, $9.99 digital download.

...Read more

Teen Reads for US All

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Fall into a young adult novel, and leave worries behind. These new teen reads are every bit as exciting, absorbing and brimming with timely tops as those aimed at older audiences.

"The Suffering Tree" by Elle Cosimano; Disney-Hyperion; 368 pages; $17.99.

Elle Cosimano recently won praise for "Holding Smoke," having been nominated for a Bram ...Read more

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