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Micromanaging Moms

John K. Rosemond on

“So, anyway, after they take showers I lay out their school clothes for the next day. And then….”

“Hold on right there,” “How old are your girls again?”

“Um, they’re seven and five,” she answered, being the thirty-something mother of the girls in question. “Why?”

“I guess I need you to explain to me why you’re doing that.”

“You mean laying out their clothes the night before?”

“Yes. Why are you doing that?”


“Well, I, well, if I didn’t, I don’t know, they might pick out something inappropriate.”

“Like what? T-shirts with satanic messages on them?”

(Laughing) “Oh, no, not that! I mean like tops and bottoms that don’t match.”

“Like stripes and polka dots together? Or two shades of orange that clash?”


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