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What Am I Thankful For? Don't Make Me Say It


A University of California, Berkeley paper on the "science of gratitude" listed some of the barriers to gratitude, among them "envy, materialism, narcissism, and cynicism."

When we post extended thankfulness peans on Facebook, or announce our gratitude to a table of Thanksgiving guests, that moment is, bizarrely, all about us. And when we're caught up in ourselves, the expression of gratitude can become fake, superficial.

I've decided instead this year to express my gratitude organically, hopefully to the very person who's boosted me up. I recently wrote a letter to a woman I'd never met, thanking her for a speech she gave decades ago.

I hope that, in a way, the letter, and whatever other in-the-moment gratitude I find, will make up for my uninspiring performance at the dinner table, when Aunt Gladys demands I stand and deliver.

For even though sincerity is ideal, there's nothing wrong with phoning it in from time to time, either.


After all, that pumpkin pie won't eat itself. And for that, I'm thankful.


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