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Banish the Chaos -- At Least for a Little While


Trumpian chest-thumping comes from a place of fear, clearly, but the fact of his constant, irritating presence in our discourse remains.

I'm comforted, a bit, by the knowledge that it was not so long ago that Trump lost a presidential election, handily, to the office's current occupier. Enough voters saw through Trump's bluster to the dangerously insecure man inside.

But there's always danger when you talk about Trump, a man who forcefully pushed the narrative -- one now commonly (if not privately) accepted as fact by almost the entire GOP -- that he won the last election, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

For yes, the cannons are now empty, but there's always the danger that, one day, he will fill them, as he did on Jan. 6, 2021, using the rage and fear of his followers as ammunition.

And although the cosplaying stupidity of Jan. 6 may seem little threat now, the boundaries of acceptable presidential behavior were moved that day somewhere to the right of "utter lawlessness."

So, I find myself thinking of the Classical Greeks, enviously, as people who very well may have been onto something with that whole ostracism thing.


I mean, if we're going to have the chaos, I'd like to at least have a way of getting a break from it.

The only problem is, I'm not sure 10 years will be long enough. Can we make it an even 20?


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