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Ask Mr. Dad: Back to sleep is the only way

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Dear Mr. Dad: Our baby boy was born just a month ago and, although we were told at the hospital to put him down to sleep on his back, my wife says that it's safer for him on his tummy because it will keep him from choking. Who's right? Please help.

A: You are. In their first year, babies should go to sleep on their back, period.

In 1994, after...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Annoyed by behavior of boyfriend's ex

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Q: My boyfriend's ex comes over unannounced around dinner time with the excuse that she has to drop off something for the kids. She completely ignores me in my own home, speaks only to the kids and my boyfriend, and then leaves without ever acknowledging my presence. It feels so rude, and my boyfriend sees nothing wrong with it. What's good ex-...Read more


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