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Ask Mr. Dad: Grief not for women only

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Dear Mr. Dad: Just after our first trimester, my wife and I lost our baby. I've been focusing on being there for her and supporting her every way I can. But this miscarriage has hit me pretty hard too and I'm having a tough time coping. Part of the problem is I feel guilty about having feelings at all -- after all, she's the one who had the ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Determine what's best for son who wants to stay in Hawaii

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Q. My ex was in the service and traveled all over the world. He recently retired and settled in Hawaii, where he was last stationed. We had one child who lived predominantly with me but was attached at the hip to his father whenever he came home. We broke up last year. I stayed in California and he stayed in Hawaii. We had an agreement that our ...Read more


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