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Brighter Days: Treating Fever

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In adults and older children, fever can be a friend. When your child is sick, their body temperature rises to fight the germs that cause infection and make their body a less comfy place for the germs to be. The fever itself isn't an illness but rather a symptom.

If your toddler or child is playing comfortably, is eating and drinking, is alert ...Read more

Nurturing Your Relationships With Your Children

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As a mom, some days are so busy I feel like I'm racing through my life, frantically trying to cross as many things off of my to-do list as I can. "Pillar to post," my best friend calls this crazy life of ours.

In my flurry of busyness, I worry: Am I taking enough time to connect with my sons? Am I really seeing them? Listening to them? Do they ...Read more

Introducing Finger Foods

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Like so many things in parenting, the term "finger foods" is not quite what you would expect. I always feel like I have to edit myself and think "foods you eat with your fingers," not "eating fingers."

When should you start to introduce finger foods? Some babies are ready around 9 months old, others later. Offer your baby soft, small pieces of ...Read more

Busting a Bad Mood

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Picture a mood ring on your finger. (Pretend with me that they work!) What color is it -- a happy yellow, a sad blue, an angry black?

Whatever "color" your mood is, don't despair. Moods, by definition, are temporary states of mind." Sometimes it feels like we are captive to our moods, but it's completely the opposite: You are in control of your...Read more

Traveling With Kids

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When you think "vacation," do you think "summer"? Maybe it's time to think "fall" instead!

Fall is a wonderful time to travel, especially if you have young children. The weather is cooler, the foliage is lovely, and attractions will be less crowded because families with older kids aren't likely to take their kids out of school to travel so ...Read more

Feeding Your Baby

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One of my most cherished memories is feeding my sons when they were babies. It was so special to me that I only recently parted with the glider rocker I sat in to nurse them. And my youngest is 12 years old! I remember the cozy closeness of holding my babies in my arms, gazing down at their sweet faces and feeling so proud and accomplished to ...Read more


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