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Brighter Days: First Aid and Choking Prevention

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Moms are master jugglers of time -- and money. Who among us ever has time -- or money -- to spare? But how much time and money would you spend to save your child's life? What if you could learn the basics in a few minutes -- for free?

A website called FirstAidWeb Inc. offers free online CPR and first-aid courses. Visit this site to take online,...Read more

5 Top Tips for Food Allergies

Parents / Brighter Days /

Do allergies run in your family? If so, you have plenty of company. Up to 50 million Americans, millions of them kids, are allergic to something.

When a person has an allergy, his or her body reacts to a substance that's harmless to most people. The body releases chemicals to defend against the allergen "invader." These chemicals cause allergy ...Read more

5 Top Tips for Picky Eating

Parents / Brighter Days /

Picky eating is to toddlers what sleep deprivation is to mothers: very, very common. After a baby's first year of rapid growth, his growth slows, and so he naturally eats less. Plus, what toddler wants to stop to eat when there's a great big world out there to explore? And "Thomas the Tank Engine" is on TV to boot!

As a guideline, most toddlers...Read more

5 Top Tips for Taking Photos of Your Pregnant Belly

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When I was pregnant, I hid my belly behind tentlike tops and ran from the camera like it was being wielded by Freddy Krueger. Fifteen years later, I treasure the very few photos of pregnant me!

In hindsight, I wish I would have taken more photos to show my babies' growth inside of my growth. And I wish I would have had the courage to wear those...Read more

6 Top Tips to Drinking Better

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In our society, we often talk about whether your cup is half-empty or half-full. Maybe we should start talking more about what's actually in your cup. Turns out the answer might be critical for your weight loss journey.

Over the past three decades, the number of calories adults obtain from fruit drinks, sodas, gourmet coffee drinks and other ...Read more

4 Top Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for a Sibling

Parents / Brighter Days /

Whoever coined the phrase "love-hate relationship" was probably talking about siblings. We all want our children to get along, but even the best plans sometimes go awry. Sibling rivalry often starts before a second child is even born, and it continues as kids compete for everything from toys to attention to you. It can be hard to promote harmony...Read more

Brighter Days: 6 Top Tips for Allergies

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Hello, fall. Hello, sneezin' season! Do you or your baby's dad have allergies? It doesn't mean your baby is doomed to getting them, too -- but it does make it more likely.

Millions of kids have allergies. An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to a substance that's harmless to most people. It's an immune system gone amok. People can...Read more

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Dentist

Parents / Brighter Days /

Did you know there are dental specialists, called pediatric dentists, who specifically treat kids? Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians for dentistry. They have to complete two to three years of specialized training following dental school. They treat infants up to teens, including kids with special health needs.

This choice might not be ...Read more

Brighter Days: 4 Tips on Telling Your Partner You're Pregnant

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Early on in the pandemic, people joked that all of this sheltering in place would cause a baby boom. By summer, that appeared to not be the case. In June, the Brookings Institution, a public policy nonprofit, published a report that predicted a decline of between 300,000 and 500,000 births as a result of the pandemic.

Still, plenty of newly ...Read more

6 Top Tips to Exercise for Energy

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Some days, especially with the added stress and duties of this pandemic, I feel too tired to change the channel on the remote, let alone haul myself up off the couch to exercise.

Seems like I have plenty of company. Almost one-third of Americans consider themselves to be inactive. I suspect, if more were being honest, the number would be even ...Read more

Brighter Days: 6 Top Tips for Buying Baby Shoes

Parents / Brighter Days /

What I'm about to say might be comforting, humorous or both.

One of the most challenging things for me when my boys were babies was buying shoes!

It's OK to laugh. It seems silly, considering the myriad mothering things there are to worry about. Footwear seems trivial in comparison. Hopefully, this revelation made you smile, and maybe it'll ...Read more

Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips for Taking Day Trips

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According to a recent survey by a business how-to and news website called Manifest, 67% of Americans said they did not feel comfortable flying right now.

Personally, I canceled my family's long-awaited trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate my 50th birthday -- not a decision I made lightly! Instead, my family has taken a few day trips, and I'm ...Read more

Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips on Choosing a Doctor or Midwife

Parents / Brighter Days /

Expecting to be expecting? You likely already have a doctor you see for your routine care, and perhaps you have another doctor you see for gynecologic issues. But where do you want to go for your care during your pregnancy?

You might choose an obstetrician, which is a doctor who specializes in the management of pregnancy, labor and birth. They'...Read more



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