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Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips for Coping with Housework

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Since my oldest son was born, I've worked from home. Usually, my workdays are quiet, with my fiance and our sons off at work or school. Since March, however, they've been working and schooling from home, and now, of course, they're home for the summer.

Though they are a tidy bunch, having more people at home means more cleaning, more dishes and...Read more

Brighter Days: Thoughts on Discovering You're Pregnant

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There are few moments in life like discovering that you are pregnant. It's as if you're striding confidently down one path in life, and suddenly, a giant gust of wind blows you off of that path and onto a new one. When that stick turns blue, your life is dramatically, irreversibly changed.

I remember the disbelief I felt both times upon ...Read more

Brighter Days: Thoughts on Going Back to School Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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My fiance and I have four sons between us -- ages 13, 14, 15 and 16. (And five pairs of chickens, three cats and two dogs. Yes, it's a zany life!)

For the past few months, school has been top of mind and a frequent dinner conversation topic. We value our sons' education, but we value their health and safety more. We've been grappling with the ...Read more

Brighter Days: 4 Top Tips to Brush Baby's Teeth

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Baby teeth seem somewhat disposable, but your baby will actually have those teeth until he's 5 to 7 years old.

Baby teeth are also sometimes called primary teeth. They start to make their appearance when a baby is between 4 and 7 months old. Most kids have all 20 of their baby teeth by their third birthdays.

Baby teeth serve several important ...Read more

Brighter Days: 4 Top Tips To Keep Your Balance

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Just when I feel like I'm on top of my game with work, I realize my house is a mess. I clean up my house, and I discover my kids have gone off the rails. I focus on my kids for a bit, and my relationship is in a tailspin. Today more than ever, I'm finding it very hard to keep my balance. The undertow of stress and change are so great they sweep ...Read more

Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips to Get Kids Cooking

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Like many Americans, my family and I haven't seen the inside of a restaurant since mid-March. We've only picked up curbside food a handful of times. I've cooked -- a lot.

Now that our sons are home from school for summer, I asked them to take a turn each week helping -- and learning -- to cook. I feel it's a huge responsibility of mine to ...Read more

Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips for Sun Safety

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I've always had what I feel is a healthy neurosis about sunburns, which means I'm faithful about wearing sunscreen and chasing my sons around with sunscreen bottles.

So, I was more than a little surprised and disappointed in myself last weekend when I forgot to sunscreen my back while wearing a bathing suit and gardening for six hours. I got a ...Read more

Brighter Days: 6 Top Tips for Eating Better

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Have you heard of the "COVID 19"? It's a nod to the Freshman 15, a prediction of how much weight we all might gain while sheltering at home.

Personally, I've been trying to cook and bake more -- making real meals rather than just heating things up. I have been struggling with overeating and oversnacking, likely signs of stress.

More than ever,...Read more

Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips to Cope with Colic

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The word colic strikes fear in the hearts of parents-to-be. Colic is very common. It's estimated that up to 40% of babies have it. But knowing this isn't very comforting if your baby has the condition. How can you tell for sure if your baby has colic? When a healthy baby cries for more than three hours per day more than three days per week for ...Read more

Brighter Days: 17 Tips to Keep Babies and Pets Safe

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My fiance and I have five pairs of chickens, four sons, three cats and two dogs. Our sons are teens, and they are great helpers with the pets, so I don't have to worry about anyone's safety together. But if they were babies or toddlers, that would be a different scenario.

I imagine many parents right now, sheltering at home, do have concerns ...Read more

Brighter Days: 3 Top Tips for Napping

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I personally could use a nap right now -- and my sons are 13, 14, 15 and 16. So I KNOW moms of little ones could really use a nap.

During the first six weeks after her baby's birth, the average new mom spends 20% more of her day awake than she did before her baby was born. If you're so tired that the only thing keeping you awake is lots ...Read more

Brighter Days: 4 Top Tips for Taking Care of You During the Current Chaos

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Whoever said, "May you live in interesting times," probably didn't mean THIS interesting. I, for one, could do with a little less interesting right about now.

I'm grateful that I've worked from home for the past 15 years, so I'm set up for that, and my business is doing well. I'm also grateful that my fiance transitioned to working at home so ...Read more



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