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Brighter Days: 8 Top Tips for Preparing for Birth

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You're in the homestretch! By the end of the last trimester, most moms-to-be are ready to have their babies -- now!

By now, you know which hospital or birth center you'll deliver at. Perhaps you've even taken a tour or a class there. If not, it's a great idea to take a dry run to see exactly the best way to go. Locate and practice an alternate ...Read more

5 Top Tips for Caring for Teeth and Gums

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Whoever said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" might well have been talking about going to the dentist. A regular checkup is often covered by dental insurance, or costs about $150 out of pocket. But a filling costs $300 -- or much more!

Brushing your toddler's teeth is probably not your favorite thing to do, nor hers. But it's ...Read more

4 Top Tips for Sleeping Better in Pregnancy

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It feels like a bit of a cruel joke that moms-to-be struggle with sleep -- during their last few months before their babies start waking them up at night. Many things conspire to make it hard for pregnant women to sleep, including restless legs syndrome, vivid dreams and aches and pains.

Around 15% of pregnant women develop a mysterious ...Read more

Brighter Days: 6 Top Tips to Sleep

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Whoever coined the phrase "sleeping like a baby" had a really good sense of humor. Maybe she didn't have kids!

A newborn might sleep up to 16 hours each day, but that's probably only for a few hours at a time. Breastfed babies tend to get hungry more frequently than bottle-fed babies, and it's not uncommon for them to nurse every two hours for ...Read more

Brighter Days: 4 Top Tips for Getting Support During Pregnancy

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This might be less about enlisting help than it is about accepting help. Chances are good that people want to help you right now, but it can be hard to accept help, even when it's offered. Try to let down your guard, accept help and even ask for it when you need it. Just say yes.

During your pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms such as morning ...Read more

Brighter Days: 5 Top Tips for Setting Up the Nursery

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Where your baby will sleep is a very personal decision. Some parents feel strongly that their babies should sleep in their own cribs in their own rooms from day one. Other parents feel just as strongly that babies should co-sleep with their parents as babies did generations ago and as many babies in other countries still do. Still other parents ...Read more

5 Top Tips for Stressing Less in Pregnancy

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Studies rank pregnancy at No. 12 on the list of life's most stressful events. And, of course, the rest of your stress isn't going away anytime soon.

It's perfectly natural to worry about your growing baby. In fact, it's great training for parenthood. You might worry about your new role as a mother, how having a baby will impact your ...Read more



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