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Column: ‘Beyond angry’: LGBTQ parents fear impact of NC’s Parents’ Bill of Rights

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When Anne Sutkowi-Hemstreet and her wife moved back to Durham, North Carolina, to raise their children, she began organizing playdates with other LGBTQ parents to make connections and find their community. While their preschool-aged children played, Sutkowi-Hemstreet noticed other parents’ experiences were not what she’d expected from the ...Read more

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‘You feel helpless’: These moms scramble to find baby formula amid US shortage

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MIAMI — When Sthefany Juarez showed up recently at a South Florida charity, the 24-year-old didn’t know what to expect — but the first-time mom was desperate. Down to her last half can of a specialized baby formula for her nearly 4-month-old boy, the Broward County mom wasn’t sure what she was going to do to feed him.

“It’s very ...Read more

During COVID-19, Parents Have Been Hung Out to Dry

Parents / Georgia Garvey /

Either parenting has gotten exponentially harder in the last two-plus years, or I've developed in that same time Olympic-level complaining skills.

I'm willing to accept the latter possibility if everyone else accepts the former.

I'm also willing to accept that it's gotten harder to be anything in this country: a neighbor, a co-worker, a person...Read more

Have We Got a Home for You!

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

Now that rents are ostensibly 25% higher than just a year ago, some home-hunters are complaining it's hard to find an affordable place to live.

Nonsense! Why, even in la-di-dah Manhattan, it's not hard to find an apartment these days. All you have to do is look! Gotham is chock-full of amazing finds, like --

--Unfurnished Manhattan Upper W. ...Read more

Texas school shooting: How to help kids get through unspeakable horror

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The shocking shooting that left 18 children and two adults dead at a school in Texas is forcing parents and schools to once again confront how to talk to kids about violence.

Experts have told The Times these are complex and sensitive conversations, but also vital.

Kids are “anxious and worried, and they’re dealing with the unknown,” one...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Lead with love and compromise in the name of your child

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Q. My child’s mother and I hooked up at a party our last year of college. We were never officially together, although we tried to be once she found out she was pregnant. We are from different cultures and do not see eye to eye about how to raise our son. I am stricter and want my son to follow my traditions, but his mother does not support ...Read more


Today's kids have no idea what they're missing

Parents / John Rosemond /

I grew up in the “You’re Making a Mountain of a Molehill” era, also known as the Age of “Children Are Starving in (fill in the blank with some remote place)," and by golly, I’m a better person for it!

First, some historical context: I am a baby boomer, a child of the '50s. I remember the first time I heard Elvis. I was in a diner with...Read more


Lori Borgman: Now entering the 'no fly' zone

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The official start to summer is still weeks away, but the insects have already declared, "Game on!"

The husband was cutting the grass, felt something stinging his neck, smacked the back of his neck with his hand and discovered fire ants. They were flat and one-dimensional, but you could still tell they were fire ants.

We have an entire plastic...Read more

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Pfizer COVID shot seems protective for children under 5 in early data

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Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE said their COVID-19 vaccine was highly effective and prompted a strong immune response in children under age 5, based on early results from a trial that is likely to pave the way for infants and toddlers to finally get immunized.

A three-dose regimen was 80.3% effective in a preliminary finding based on 10 infections...Read more

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Mrs. Maryland surrounds herself with large, blended family

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BALTIMORE -- When a friend won the Mrs. Maryland pageant last year, Megan Myers decided that she would enter, too. In April, the 34-year-old Bel Air resident followed suit, earning the title that Harford County’s Julia Chang took in 2021.

“Julia was an inspiration,” said Myers who, as Mrs. Maryland, will spend the year promoting her ...Read more


Baby formula shortage: Scams and other unsafe solutions to avoid

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As the nationwide baby formula shortage continues, parents and caretakers are struggling to find what they need to safely feed their babies and infants — and scammers are out in force to take advantage.

Though the Biden administration has taken steps in recent days to address the shortage, including invoking the Defense Production Act and ...Read more

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Column: Need a mental health boost? Make art

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ATLANTA — Ten years ago, tired of staring at a screen while commuting to work on the train, Sarah Nisbett reached into her purse and pulled out a sketch pad and pen and looked around for inspiration. She wasn't a trained artist. She was an opera singer and an avowed perfectionist.

She knew she would make mistakes creating artwork with a pen ...Read more


Florida’s focus on math textbooks may be nothing compared to what’s next

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TAMPA, Fla. -- Florida’s recent battle over math textbooks got retired Pasco County history teacher Beverly Ledbetter thinking.

If state officials rejected dozens of books over word problems because they touched on social issues, Ledbetter wondered, what might happen when social studies materials come up for review a few months down the road....Read more

Kids Acting Out During Parents' Divorce

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: How does divorce affect kids? We're in the process of getting a divorce, which is obviously taking a heavy toll on the entire family. Our kids have been acting out in a variety of ways; in fact, some of their behavior is so extreme I'm getting seriously concerned about them. What's considered "normal" in a situation like this? And what can I ...Read more

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With baby formula scarce, California mothers are sharing their breast milk

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LOS ANGELES -- For Diana Granados, 29, the quest began with a callout on a popular Instagram page for new parents.

"Do you have any formula to spare?"

Granados didn't. But as she thought of the ongoing national formula shortage, and of babies like her 6-month-old son, Raul, going hungry, she wanted to offer what she could.

"Hello, I have ...Read more

For Parents, Baby Formula Is More Than Food. It's a Lifeline

Parents / Georgia Garvey /

When I finally gave up on what had been both a herculean and a Sisyphean effort to breastfeed, resigning my lanolin and breast pump to mere props in my nightmares, I wanted to know more about alternatives to breastfeeding.

I asked my dad, who grew up in the mountains of Greece with no electricity and no weekly pediatrician visits, what did ...Read more

The Lost Milestones of Childhood

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

With the popularity of Netflix's "Old Enough," the Japanese show featuring kids age 2 to 6 running errands, parents here in America have been wondering what age their own kids can safely start doing the same.

Allow me to give my opinion, after 15 years of studying just this topic.

Obviously, every neighborhood -- and every child -- is ...Read more

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'The Kids in the Hall' review: Sketch comedy is a young person's game -- yet here are older guys just ripping into the form as if they never left

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The TV landscape tends to feel pretty dismal when “Saturday Night Live” is the only sketch comedy game in town. And often that’s the case. Over its four-plus decade run, it certainly has outlasted so many others — from “SCTV” to “In Living Color” to “MADtv” to “Key & Peele” and more — but that doesn’t make it the ...Read more

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These parents are helping each other find infant formula during the shortage

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PHILADELPHIA -- Karah Weiser was about to trudge on to yet another store in search of the specialty hypoallergenic baby formula her 4-month-old needs. But first she paused, took another look at the half-empty store display, and snapped a picture.

“Boothwyn Walmart,” the 32-year-old Drexel Hill mother wrote alongside the photo she uploaded ...Read more

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Our screens unite and divide us

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Every day my inbox fills with emails from public relations firms, angling for a plug for an author's book or a new study on children. I delete most of them as quickly as they appear, but I nearly always read the ones on youth and mental health.

Suffice it to say the findings are not good. I often ponder over them, as we have a whole string of ...Read more