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Living Space: 10 items to toss from your garage in the next 30 minutes

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If your garage has turned into the glorified dumping ground for anything that doesn’t fit in your house or that you’re just not quite ready to get rid of, it’s time to get a garbage bag and a donations box and tackle the task. Your garage is a great place to store cars, bikes, lawn tractors and garden tools — but it isn’t the place for broken-down tools, electronics or that hideous lime-green paint that you’re never going to use again. Here’s some help identifying the items that need to go, and a list of the most common garage offenders.

1. Newspapers, magazines and catalogs

“You’re not going to read these again,” says organizing and storing expert Emma Gordon of Clutter.com. “If they’ve been banished from the house to the garage they need to go.” If you can’t part with all of them, allow yourself to keep a few special editions or issues. Donate or recycle the rest.

2. Old electronics

Chances are you have no use for that old clunky computer printer and fax machine from the early ’90s. “If it’s in the garage, there’s a 90% chance that your old CPU is not worth the time it would take you to bring it back up to speed for day-to-day use,” says Gordon. “It’s better to find a recycling program that can take it off your hands.”

3. Broken or duplicate tools


You probably don’t need five hammers, and that broken drill is just collecting dust on a shelf. Take stock of your tool collection and consolidate, so you don’t have an overflowing toolbox (or too many bulky bins filled with tools).

4. Plastic planter trays

“It’s tempting to keep the trays after popping our spring blooms,” says Gordon. “Unless you’re a regular gardener, there’s no reason to keep these trays after transplanting. Clear them out so you don’t have to deal with spiders or other garage critters that will make a home in them.”

5. Old paint cans


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