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Living Space: Curb appeal ideas for your small house

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Dark colors might seem like a good fit for a small home — and sometimes they are. But particular styles and sites might be more attractive in a monochromatic arrangement, as with a compact stucco home. A warm, buttery cream color helps the exterior to reflect light, while the pale, subdued contrast of white trim enhances the lines of the open and airy porch.

6. Do: Connect to the outdoors. Don’t: Ignore your yard.

An easy way to enhance the exterior appeal of a small house is to make it live bigger by cementing the connection to the landscape and outside living spaces. A house may invite outdoor living with a compact screen porch that encourages front yard interaction. Covered porches, decks and patios work in the same way, particularly if they’re connected directly to your small home’s main living spaces.

If you’re deciding whether a small-house plan is for you …

Think about your essential spaces and your daily schedule. Do you really need a dedicated home office, or would a stretch of counter in the kitchen work fine? Is your family into formal dinners, or do eat-prep-dine combo spaces fit your lifestyle? Know what you absolutely need and what you can live without.

Include outdoor living spaces in your overall floor plan. Small houses live much larger when they have patios, porches or decks, even if they can only be used on good-weather days.


Think quality, not quantity. One big full bathroom with two sinks, a tub and a shower might be much more pleasing, as well as inherently adaptable to life changes, than two small spaces with single sinks and just a shower. Likewise, a roomy living space with a fireplace and bookcases might be perfect in place of two family rooms that feel crowded and don’t have any extra amenities.


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