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Living Space: How to stretch a small bathroom budget

By Kathy Barnes, BHG.com on

Walking into a bathroom that’s serene, beautiful, well-organized and just the way you like it is a great way to start the day — so it’s no wonder that many of us have redecorating the bathroom on our list of to-dos. So what’s stopping us? Budget, for the most part. Bathroom renovations can be expensive. Make the redesign work hard for your money with these budget-friendly tips.

1. Find extra storage to avoid major structural changes.

Moving walls is a real budget buster. Instead, try utilizing found space. For example, recess shelves into the area between wall studs to create vertical storage that doesn’t eat up floor space.

2. Bounce light around with strategically placed mirrors.

Adding a window or skylight can add big dollars to a remodeling project. If your bathroom lacks light, fool the eyes by adding reflection with mirrors. A mirror (or grouping of mirrors) is an affordable way to add personality and space-reflecting sparkle above a vanity.

3. Add style with simple tile.


Hate the look of a prefab shower surround, but lack pockets deep enough for fancy custom tile? Glazed subway tiles cost only a few dollars per square foot and create a timeless look. You might also consider tiling just the bottom half of your bathroom shower to save on money.

4. Stick to traditional finishes.

A surefire way to waste money on a bathroom remodel is to fill it with fads that won’t last. Make your investment last for years by sticking to neutral colors and natural finishes. These tried-and-true classics are typically less expensive than their trendy counterparts, and are more likely to stand the test of time.

5. Transform a dresser into a vanity


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