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Living Space: How to organize 6 trouble spots

By Kathy Barnes, BHG.com on

Is your messy house stressing you out? Conquer the chaos with these organization tips for common sources of clutter in every room.

1. Laundry room

Space is often limited in this area, so it’s important to keep supplies well-organized. Make the most of your square footage by using wall space for storage. For instance, install a long bank of shelves above the washer and dryer to keep detergent and other laundry needs handy. Use labeled baskets or cubbies to keep things tidy (and easy to find). If you have a stackable washer and dryer, implement a similar storage system using a rolling cart next to the appliances.

2. Kitchen cabinets

You don’t need an expensive kitchen remodel to make the most of your cabinets. Start by adding magnetic paint or corkboard tile inside a cabinet door to keep track of shopping lists, calendars and so forth, and attach hooks inside the doors to organize measuring spoons, pot holders and other kitchen implements. Door-mounted spice racks and lid organizers are similarly useful.

Inside cabinets, a Lazy Susan turntable is an excellent way to corral spices or store canned goods. Add sliding shelves to lower cabinets to organize pots, pans and other frequently used tools.


3. Entertainment center

Whether your TV is wall-mounted, on a stand or stored in an armoire, it’s probably accompanied by a host of accessories that can quickly take over the room. To make the most of your entertainment center, start by paring down to just the essentials — getting rid of stray remotes and outdated media, like unnecessary CDs and VHS tapes.

Next, take control of cables by coiling any extra length and securing with twist ties or other fasteners. Use attractive boxes with lids to store DVDs, CDs and video games alphabetically or by genre, and label each container for easy access.

When not in use, keep track of remotes by storing them in a basket. Add a bit of personality to the entertainment center by interspersing framed photos, books and collectibles among the electronics and storage bins.


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