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Parents as Prison Guards

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When people ask me what has been the biggest change in parenting in the last generation or two, I could say:


Travel soccer for 9-year-olds.


Or the incredible spike in allergies or the way parents are expected to look at their kids' grades online every day or all the really gross Halloween decorations out there. ...Read more

Kindergarten isn't fun anymore -- and that's a problem

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Increased academic pressure and testing in kindergarten is bringing everyone to tears -- including the teachers.

When evolutionary psychologist Peter Gray wrote a piece for his Psychology Today blog about kindergarten teachers in Brookline, Massachusetts, protesting dwindling recess time and mandated 90-minute reading and writing blocks, he ...Read more

The Top 10 Worst (and Best) Parenting Moments of 2019

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It wasn't all bad ... But a lot of it was, so let's start with that:


Hard-boiled lawyers made sure no kids could participate in the University of California, Berkeley's campus Easter egg hunt without parents first signing a waiver acknowledging the potential risk of "catastrophic injuries including paralysis...Read more

'Tis the season for Ho-Ho-Hoaxes

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A 16-year-old girl abducted by four men in a car as she walked down a Bronx street with her mom on Monday night -- an incident captured on a video grainier than the moon landing -- has admitted this was a hoax.

Karol Sanchez's family is from Honduras, and The New York Times reports that they were thinking of moving back there -- something Karol...Read more

Will Santa Bring Lawn Darts?

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What's that bare spot under the Christmas tree? It's a silent salute to the toys we've lost to regulations and lawsuits over the years -- toys that delighted many and, alas, maimed a few.

Toys like the bizarre Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid that, one wag noted, always seemed to be high. That's because the '90s doll was built to munch whatever ...Read more

Don't fall for white-hot white van hysteria

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White van hysteria has hit a new high with the mayor of Baltimore warning his citizens to not even park near a white van. People in at least one of these vehicles, he said, are coming to sex-traffic young women and sell their body parts.

Neither of these things is true, and when you examine them for half of a second, you can see they are...Read more

When tragedy strikes, blame the mom

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What a horrible, horrible tragedy -- times two.

Jiterria Lightner and her three kids, ages 4, 3 and 2, were at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport on their way home from a trip to Florida on Sept. 25. While Jiterria sat less than 15 feet away, trying to arrange a ride home, her kids were in a little space between the escalator and the ...Read more

Don't trust anyone under (or over) 30

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Maybe it was always thus: The older you get, the more trust you develop.

That's the most positive spin we can put on a new Pew Research Center study that shows young people are massively more cynical and distrusting than their elders are. For instance, nearly 3 out of 4 Americans under age 30 believe people "just look out for themselves" most ...Read more

Releasing Kids Into the Wild

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School is in full swing, which means that some lucky students are about to undergo an enormous, transformative experience. It does not involve a test.

At least, not on paper.

It involves doing a Let Grow Project -- a radical new homework assignment where the kid's task is to go home and do one thing on their own that they haven't ...Read more

The other Halloween myth that won't die

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Three people on the sex offense registry in Georgia are suing the Butts County Sheriff's Office for having deputies come to their homes and plant signs reading, "No trick-or-treat at this address! A community safety message from Butts County Sheriff Gary Long," on their lawns. This was not only trespassing, say the plaintiffs, but also a form of...Read more

Get your fear here! Fresh, hot fear!

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When an 8-year-old girl in Atlanta said she had been almost abducted at school by a man who grabbed her off the slide at recess -- and his gun fell out of his pocket, and he aimed it at her and touched it to her nose, and he choked her, too, but ran off the minute the teacher blew the whistle to indicate recess was over -- at least one veteran ...Read more


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