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When is a public touch on the arm or waist a sex crime?

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Last fall, in Manchester, England, an awkward 19-year-old male student touched a 17-year-old female classmate's arm on the street during the daytime. He later said he had wanted to make a friend.

This rattled the young woman so much that she went to the police. Now the young man is facing possible jail time and could be placed on the sex ...Read more

Life Lessons From Lanyard

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I'm finally putting away the junk from the summer, and of course that includes an unfinished lanyard ... something or other. Is it a slightly too long keychain? Slightly too short necklace?

Let's call it a memory aid. Because looking at it, I realize that everything I needed to know I learned in summer camp.

Or at least everything I needed ...Read more

Lost and Found: Kid Edition

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Oh, dear, what can the matter be

Oh, dear, what can the matter be?

Oh, dear, what can the matter be?

Johnny's so long at the fair.

That fear is so common and persistent that that song dates back at least to the 1700s, according to ye olde Wikipedia. Thus it has been for generations: Kids get lost at the fair.

Or at least they ...Read more

Nifty Products at a Price You Can Afford

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With all the talk of a possible economic downturn, some companies are seeing a silver -- even bitcoin -- lining. Boldly, they are barreling ahead with a roster of recession-positive products including:

The Samsonite Stick-Tote: Maybe you thought that once the luggage industry finally devised a rolling suitcase that doesn't tip over, its work ...Read more

I'm Hummin' It

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How long has it been since McDonald's had a truly great jingle? Longer than it takes a nugget to turn into a rock.

Allow me, then, to pen some potential McHits:

To "The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)"

Filet-o, Filet-o / Lunchtime come and I gotta one wish./ Filet-o, filet-o / Lunchtime come and I wanna square fish.

To The Beatles' ...Read more


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