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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


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Looking for new ways to take control of your finances? If so, look no further than your heating and cooling system.

In an average home, heating and cooling account for 47% of energy use. Plus, if your HVAC breaks, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace. For these reasons, your HVAC should run as smoothly as possible.

Not sure where to start? Check out our five HVAC maintenance tips that will help keep your budget in the black!

1. Remove Clutter Around the Units

Keeping the area around your indoor HVAC unit clean is a great way to improve air quality. The more stuff there is around the unit, the more you reduce air circulation in the immediate area, lowering system efficiency.

The same applies to the outdoor unit. The next time you do yard maintenance, inspect the area for leaves, twigs, and other debris. Give your unit two feet of free space on all sides to maintain proper airflow.

2. Regulate the Temperature

A big part of HVAC maintenance involves using it as little as possible. If you’re away from home or sleeping, keeping your HVAC running wastes energy. Plus, it increases the wear and tear on the system.

The simple solution here is to install a programmable thermostat. That way, you can set different temperatures at different times of the day. This not only makes your system run less frequently but helps it last longer.

3. Track Energy Usage

Tracking your energy usage helps you determine the efficiency of your HVAC system. To do so, check your energy bills. If your energy costs are increasing for no apparent reason, there may be an issue with your system.

Now, there are plenty of causes behind increased consumption. These range from simple issues like duct leaks to serious ones like failing parts. The best way to diagnose your HVAC unit is to contact a professional.

4. Change Your Filters

The purpose of an HVAC air filter is to prevent dust and other particles from spreading through your home. When the filter gets dirty, though, it starts to impede airflow, forcing the system to work harder.

For best results, change the air filter every 30 days. Get a filter with a 7-13 MERV rating for the right airflow/filtration balance. You can also consider humidifier filters—click here to find humidifiers to your liking.

5. Schedule Yearly Tune-Ups

Out of all the HVAC tips on this list, this is the one most people ignore. You shouldn’t, because a yearly tune-up keeps your HVAC running efficiently. In some cases, it can also help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

A lot of people confuse yearly tune-ups with preventative maintenance. The main difference is that a tune-up is more thorough. It involves:

  • A complete inspection of the entire system
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Testing ignition and safety controls
  • Adjustment and cleaning of all equipment

Take HVAC Maintenance Seriously

By following these HVAC maintenance tips, you can ensure that your unit is performing at its best. Other than reducing your energy bills, regular maintenance helps you find issues before they become serious.

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