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The Brief Checklist That Makes Caring for Aging Parents Simple


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Your parents were once the people you looked up to as examples of adult vitality. But as you’ve gotten older, so have they. That’s okay, it’s part of life. But now they might just need to move in with you so that you can take better care of them.

Taking on aging parents can be difficult but if this is a serious conversation for you, then here are a few things to check off the list to make sure you can give them healthy living in your home.

Do You Have a Parent-Friendly Home?

The first thing you need to consider when having parents move into the home is the home itself. Is it a safe environment for your older parents to live in?

You have to remove anything that could hurt them and make sure the floors are regularly cleaned so they do not trip and hurt themselves.

If you have stairs, then you must consider getting a lift for them too. Essentially, you want to make sure that your home is somewhere that won’t be potentially dangerous to them.

Have You Learned About Medicare and Medicaid?

There is a difference between Medicare and Medicaid, and you need to know the difference to help better the situation for an aging adult.

Medicare is a federally benefitted health insurance for elderly people who qualify. Elderly Americans can earn it by paying into the Medicare system throughout their career.

To qualify for Medicare, a retiree must have paid into it for about ten out of twenty years of their career. There are several parts of Medicare as well that you should become privy to.

Medicaid on the other hand is a safety-net program that’s funded at both the federal and state levels. to provide medical insurance as well as assisted living for individuals with low-income.

Both have certain coverages and gaps that could include your parents. so it’s best to be aware of what do and do not apply.

Through your Medicare and Medicaid, you might be able to have vitamin D supplements by Vitabiotics covered by your insurance.

Have You Made a Schedule?

You will have to start making a schedule for your elderly parents when they move in with you. Health and wellness have to be a priority when handling elder care.

So when making a daily routine for your elderly parents, ensure that they get regular healthy exercise and keep them active. But making a schedule doesn’t just apply to them, it also applies to you.

Make sure you establish a time for yourself to still have a life; build in time for personal activities so that you can have a good balance as well.

Take Care of Your Aging Parents

Taking care of your aging parents isn’t easy but it’s not impossible. Use this checklist, and you won’t stop worrying but you’ll be prepared. Take care of your aging parents today.

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