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5 Rewarding Reasons to Adopt Your Next Dog


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In recent years, more and more people are owning pets in the US. Over half of all households have at least one pet, with dogs being the most popular choice.

When searching for a new dog, many people may overlook the dogs waiting for a new home in a shelter. But a rescue dog can quickly become your furry best friend just like dogs from a shop or breeder.

In fact, there are many reasons why it’s better to adopt a pet. Find out the top five reasons to adopt, not shop, for your next dog.

1. Saving a Life

One of the most important reasons why you should adopt is because you can literally be a lifesaver.

Some dogs who don’t get adopted will eventually be put down, never having a second chance at finding a happy home. And while there are some organizations and no-kill shelters that are able to support these dogs long-term, the conditions may still not be as friendly as they would be at home with a loving owner.

This can lead to extra stress for the dog, and they may not get the individualized care they need.

By adopting a pet, you can give them a second chance at a good life.

2. Supporting a Dog in Need

In many ways, dogs aren’t that different from people. And just like how it’s rewarding to help a struggling friend, it’s rewarding to help a dog in need.

Rescue dogs come from many different backgrounds and environments. Some of these include poor and even abusive conditions. But you can feel good knowing that you’re helping your dog overcome their fears or behavioral issues.

Of course, adopting an abused dog or a dog who has been neglected can be a challenge. But like many other challenges in life, it’s also deeply rewarding.

3. Taking a Stand Against Puppy Mills

Instead of adopting a rescue pet, some families may turn to a pet store to buy a new four-legged companion. But an estimated 90% of puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills.

Puppy mills often keep and breed dogs in bad conditions, where they may be neglected and left in dirty and cramped cages.

Purchasing a dog from a pet store supports these puppy mills. But adopting a dog takes a stand against them.

4. Saving Money

One of the most practical rewards of rescuing a dog may be saving money.

Rescue animals are generally much cheaper than those found in shops or bought from breeders. And in many cases, they still have many of the same desirable traits of non-rescue dogs, such as being pure-bred.

Many shelters and organizations also make sure that dogs are already vaccinated and spayed or neutered. This can help you save even more money when getting a new pet.

5. Learning Valuable Life Skills

Having a dog teaches patience, compassion, and how to care for another being. And these are valuable life skills that are rewarding for both children and adults.

Because some rescue dogs may be more timid and in need of extra care at first, they may require more patience and thoughtfulness. But that only helps to build more responsibility and selflessness.

Find Your Reasons to Adopt

Caring for an adopted dog can be challenging at times, but it’s also extra rewarding.

There are several reasons why it’s better to adopt your next dog. Whether you care about saving money or saving a life, find the reasons to adopt that inspire you.

Then, visit your local shelter or animal organization to find your perfect companion.

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