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Listen Up, Speak Up: How To Improve Communication in a Relationship


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When the honeymoon phase passes, every relationship hits the rocks at some point.

With the scary truth that around 50% of marriages end in divorce, it’s clear that a healthy relationship needs to be nurtured.

If you’re wondering how to improve communication in a relationship, we’re here to help. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to be happy in your relationship and grow together as a happy couple.

Read on to learn how to communicate with your partner.

Make Time for Each Other

If you want to improve communication in a relationship, the first step is to make actual time for each other. In our busy, 21st century lives, it’s easy to stop paying attention to our loved ones.

Think about it: when was the last time you asked how their day was and really listened to the answer. Make sure you’re spending quality time enjoying each other’s company and having fun together.

If you don’t already, take up a hobby together – whether it’s cooking, swimming, hiking, or learning a language, this is a great way to reconnect when you’re not communicating well.

Practice Active Listening

Active listening is a way of listening and responding during a conversation that helps improve understanding and reach solutions. It involves careful listening alongside watching for non-verbal cues.

One of the signs of poor communication in a relationship is listening to respond, rather than listening to understand.

When you’re speaking with your partner, slow down and try to understand the point they are trying to get across. Maintain eye contact and give them brief verbal affirmations (e.g., I understand).

Next, reiterate what they have said and add your point. Paraphrasing your partner shows them that you have heard and understand what they were saying.

Relationship communication can be difficult when talking about emotional or sensitive issues, but try to stay calm and focus on the end result.

Seek Expert Guidance

Marriage counseling shouldn’t be a dirty word; there is nothing wrong with getting a mediator to help you resolve issues in your relationship.

Sometimes, having someone that isn’t emotionally involved can be one of the most valuable ways to talk through issues. They can teach you how to communicate more effectively with each other.

Trained marriage counseling professionals can show you exactly how to improve your communication styles. They can also help you to apply new techniques at home.

The 101 on How to Improve Communication in a Relationship

Now you know how to improve communication in a relationship, it’s time to get off your phone and pay attention to your partner!

Ask them how their day was, plan a fun day out, and think about marriage counseling as an opportunity to improve your relationship.

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