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Sharing House With a Picky Roommate: How to Catify Your Home


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Let’s be honest: cats typically make tougher roommates than dogs. But both require just as much care and love (except for the fact that cats are slightly pickier).

Do you want to learn how to catify your home? Keep scrolling to find out!

1. Add Space For Your Feline Friend

Cats and dogs need space to exercise. Often, owners barely do the minimum and they wonder why their pet acts out. Domestic animals are still animals and, depending on their breed, they require room to play and get some stimulation.

So, when your new furry friend first enters your home, he or she needs time to adjust. Don’t approach them hastily. Give them a day or two to get used to things.

Keep your home full of cat scratch posts, bed, food, water, and some decorative items. You can also find ways to do some DIY projects that will catify things.

2. Purchase Cat Toys

You might be surprised to see this on the list. Yet, some people own cats and don’t have any toys.

Have you ever seen Jackson Galaxy’s TV show? Some owners either don’t have a toy or don’t know how to use it. Cat toys serve as a means of exercise and mental stimulation.

You can read more here for the best gifts for cat lovers. Why not treat both yourself and your new best friend?

3. Add Fencing

Fences can ensure no other animals (usually cats) get near your porch and bother your cat. Cats who are exposed to other cats can become hostile. This will also help keep your cat away from any plants or gates that can harm them.

I’m sure you’ve heard about how cats can get stuck in a tree and need a firefighter to get them. It’s a fact that cats like to climb, which is why fences are a must. This can also prevent your cat from escaping.

4. Walk Your Cat

Dogs aren’t the only furry friends who can keep you company. While it’s true cats are a little difficult to train, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can slowly get your cat to wear a leash using positive reinforcement.

Every time your cat is doing something right, give him/her a treat. Continue to praise and offer a pat. This will let them know they’re doing something right. Repetition is key here.

5. Understand Your Friend’s Love Language

Those who don’t know cats have an image that they’re lazy or they don’t care about you. This is a terrible image to place upon cats.

Fun fact: more Americans own cats than dogs. And, if you know a cat owner, they’ll tell you cats can offer just as much love.

Understanding your cat’s love language can be tough. They’re not as easy to read as dogs who jump on you every time you get home from work. Cats are their own person.

Observe your cat’s facial expressions and gestures. Observe their personality. Observe how they express love and what they want.

6. Catify Your Home

Consider inviting other feline friends into your home, if you can. Add in some popular treats such as catnips to make your home cat-friendly.

Catify Your Home Today

See how easy it is to catify your home? You can start today just by purchasing a few new toys.

As you continue to catify (or dogify) your home, keep coming back to visit our blog for more!




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