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These Trends in Modern Home Architecture and Design May Have You Thinking About a Change


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Modern home architecture makes your home look more expensive, trendy, and welcoming.

Leading lines guide your eyes around the house to take in the whole design. Large windows allow for spaciousness, making the home look and feel bigger. Big windows also allow beautiful natural lighting to cascade into your space with a warm glow.

If modern home design feels like your style, updating your home could be the best thing to do. Incorporating modern home architecture and design into your space is a great way to creatively make your home feel brand new.

There are many ideas you can take from mid-century modern architecture and use in your own home. Keep reading to get inspiration for designing your home.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Almost all modern architecture homes have large picturesque windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are great for curb- appeal and for the environment on the inside of your space.

Whether it’s the aesthetic of floor-to-ceiling windows that inspires you or the idea of immense natural lighting, they are a good addition to install. You could even install glass windows on the inside of your home to replace hallways or other confining walls.

Having glass windows in your kitchen that looks out into the living room or the yard makes the house feel more communal and inviting.

Glass Doors

An easy and fairly cheap option to make your home more modern is to install glass doors. There are many beautiful options, from swinging doors to French doors.

Modern doors with glass act similarly to indoor windows. They open up space, making it more vibrant and lively.

If you still want the feel of a door with glass in your home but with more privacy, there are options for that as well.


Protruding terraces are a telltale sign of modern home design. Having terraces reach out towards the property gives the overall look of your home a more modern feel.

Terraces can be incorporated to provide cozy nooks or add those obtruding lines modern home architecture is so famous for.

Think about making your roof extend away from the exterior walls to add a modern design to the architecture.


When minimalism and mid-century modern meet, you get modern contemporary design. Minimalist artists embrace maximizing your space with a minimal amount of objects.

Mid-century modern decor emphasizes the simplicity of minimalism while mixing the sleek, geometric forms that modern design is known for.

Earth and Neutral Tones

Neutral, earthy tones in your modern home decor immediately bring your space closer to the revamped, modern theme you want.

Tones of beige, ivory, and grays make the home feel more natural. If you want to blend into the landscape around you, consider what colors are in the natural world. Use your home to highlight these earth tones.

Adding neutral colors outside and inside your home makes it feel more natural.

Make These Modern Home Architecture Updates

Use these easy tips to make your modern home architecture dreams a reality.

For more tips and ideas on how to upkeep your home, continue reading our posts on the ‘Home and Decor’ page.




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