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Easy Guide to Maintaining Your Pool


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Owning a home with certain perks such as a pool is nice, but it comes with responsibility. About 8% of homes in the US have a pool which translates as about 10 million residential pools.

New pool homeowners are often in for a surprise when they learn clean swimming pools can quickly turn dirty without routine care. If you’re a newbie at pool maintenance, it’s your lucky day you found this article. Keep reading this pool guide to learn a few factors that are critical in maintaining your pool.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

The first thing you want to get down pat is proper pool care. It’s best to work your way from the largest debris you have in your pool first. This means investing in a pool net to help gather floaters.

You should also invest in a pool vacuum and a cleaning brush. You should skim, brush, and vacuum your pool at least on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This prevents debris from forming.

There are automatic pool cleaners you can use to help make this task easier.

Keep Water Chemistry in Balance

Handling pool chemicals and learning about pool chemistry may be intimidating at first. It’s easy once you realize it’s all about having the right tools to help you. Pool chemistry is quite easy.

The two main things to understand are learning the difference between acidic and basic water. Acidic water is what can eat away or crack your pool equipment. Basic water can cause your water to turn green.

If you’re dealing with harsh water that is destroying your tiles due to improper maintenance, Liquid Assets can help you rejuvenate, repair, and restore your pool.

Once your pool is at the proper pH level, which is 7.4 to 7.6, you will want to work on keeping that. You can use chemicals to make the water more acidic or more basic when you need it.

Maintain Water Circulation

If you have never owned a pool before you may not be aware that no pool is ever just standing water. Standing water is a breeding source for bacteria, which is something you don’t want.

Pool pumps fix this problem. Having proper circulation in the pool also prevents the issue of cloudy water or algae. In a perfect world, your pump would run all the time.

However, this is not possible for most people who may not have the budget. At a minimum, aim to keep your water pump and filter for 8-12 hours a day. It’s best to use the backwashing method.

Maintaining Your Pool Is Easy With the 3 C’s

You may feel as if you hit the jackpot if you purchase a home with a pool. Little do new homeowners know that maintaining your pool is a must to ensure it stays safe and clean.

This doesn’t mean owning a pool is rigorous work. You just need to know what to do. So long as you understand and follow the 3 C’s for your pool (cleaning, circulation, and chemistry), you’ll have a pool everyone can enjoy year-round.

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