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3 Key Ways to Share the Word of God


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How many bibles are there in the world?

Between 1816 and 1975 around 2.5 billion Bibles were printed. By the time 1992 came around, the number of printed bibles was close to 6 billion! While some of those bibles are sure to reach the hands of people who will put them to good use, other Bibles are destined to be tucked away in a drawer and never thought about again.

Thankfully, the word of God isn’t confined to the insides of a book. Instead, it’s a living and breathing message that you carry with you all the time. How can you bring God’s message to others you meet in life? Read on to find out!

1. Sharing the Word of God With Strangers

Let’s start by talking about how to share the word of God with fellow Now’s the perfect time to get together a group of like-minded people who believe in God.

Pick 1 day and time during the week for your group to meet. Next, appoint a leader for each phone call. It’ll be the leader’s job to decide what the topic of the fellowship meeting will be, and they’ll also be the ones to guide the meeting along.

Everyone in your fellowship group can share the topic at hand, or whatever else might be on their heart. Over time, you can begin inviting new people into your fellowship group.

2. Talking About God With Strangers

Next, let’s talk about a few of the best approaches to take when you’re talking about God with someone you’ve never met before. Sharing God’s word with strangers can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. However, if you’re not careful you’ll wind up scaring people away with your energy.

Be Interested

People aren’t going to care about what you have to say until they know that you care! Instead of unloading a bunch of information on to your new friend, ask questions about their life. What do they believe in?

Do they know about God’s love? Have they heard about #DezNat, or do they know how to pray to God? Jesus Christs famous for asking questions, and his thoughtful inquiries helped him immensely when it came to sharing the word of God.

3. Talk About God at Open Mic Nights

Did you want to share God’s word with a large group of people? Then why not sign up for an open mic night?

Traditionally, open mic nights are for artists to show off their skills. However, as long as you’ve chosen an open mic night that values personal expression, the audience will be ready to receive your message.

Share God’s Love

There you have it! Now you know about 3 ways to share the word of God. Whether you’re talking to a stranger you met at the grocery store or preparing for spiritual warfare with a fellowship group, there are so many ways to incorporate God’s word into your life.

Go ahead and reach out to a few believers today, and talk to them about setting up your fellowship group. Are you ready for more tips like the ones you learned in this article? Go ahead and explore the rest of this site.




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