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How To Save the Trees: Solutions for a Healthy World


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Forests are essential for our survival. Not only do they provide habitats and homes for animals, but they also prevent soil erosion, provide watershed protection, and reduce climate change. Sadly, forests are disappearing all over the world and at an alarming rate.

Yet, there are ways for you to participate in the prevention of deforestation. In this article, you’ll learn a few tips that are no doubt easy to follow and will help you save the trees.

Plant Trees

Reforestation is a big solution to climate change, as well as restoring previously degraded ecosystems. In other words, donating to organizations that plant trees or opt to plant trees in your own neighborhood is a big way to help maintain the environment.

Just make sure that if you donate, your money is going towards the restoration of a native ecosystem. The last thing you want is for it to go towards planting timber monocultures destined for logging.

Buy Forest Friendly Products

Watching out for what you purchase is also a great way to prevent deforestation. For example, cows contribute greatly to climate change by releasing methane. In this case, you could avoid buying beef.

You could also avoid buying products that originate from the tropics and look for official certifications on products such as Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council, etc.

Visit Forests Often

It’s hard to appreciate something when you barely get a chance to spend time with it. Plus, as the world around us continues to evolve, our lives become more and more virtual, and most of us spend our time online now, forgetting the natural beauties that this world has in store for us. Visiting forests often and spending time in them will deepen your appreciation towards them and connect you to nature.

Switch to Digital Format

Even though having everything done online can be a disadvantage, it can be a huge benefit when it comes to protecting the environment. Switching to digital formats, such as using ebooks, having your bills and mail get sent to you through email creates less demand for paper.

You can also switch out paper products for more eco-friendly ones, such as paper napkins to cloth napkins. Or, instead of regular paper, use bamboo paper.

Support Conservation Organizations

It’s tough to protect trees directly. However, there are several organizations out there that support the world’s forests and dedicates to helping them, and you can always donate to them or participate in any of their campaigns. Organizations such as Plant a Tree Today, World Wide Fund for Nature, and One Tree Planted are associations dedicated to helping the environment by saving and maintaining trees.

Save the Trees!

You can be sure that by following these simple tips, you’ll be making a big difference in the environment and helping to save the trees. No matter how small the effort, it’ll surely contribute to making the world a healthier place. For more simple tips like these, have a look at the rest of our website!




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