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The Benefits of Religion: A Basic Guide


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While the majority of Americans are religious, there are a lot of people leaving religion, too. While religion should always be a matter of personal choice, there are some real benefits of religion, too.

Religion offers a certain amount of peace to our tumultuous lives and can help those who are suffering, but there are more benefits too.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the advantages of religion and how religion benefits those who adhere to it.

Ready to learn more? Then read on.

1. Religion Offers a Sense of Peace

Modern life is very stressful. Most of us aren’t paid enough for the long hours that we work, which can leave us feeling burned out. Religion can offer a sense of peace and tranquility that is otherwise not available.

This has a real, physical impact too. According to a study from 1998, religious people have lower blood pressure than people who are not.

Being able to commune with God allows us a space to air our grievances and seek forgiveness, which is a powerful way to relax.

2. Religion Offers a Sense of Community

Religion isn’t all about God, there’s more to it than that. Part of religion is the community that you join. Whether you start going to church, a mosque, a synagogue, or any other kind of temple, you will join a community of other worshippers who will (or at least, should), see you as a friend.

This community may be able to help you out when you’re at your lowest, and this is a really powerful part of religion. Even if you only attend church online, you still get to experience this community. Take a look at this article for more information about online worship: https://www.soh.church/3-profound-pros-cons-church-online/.

The community extends beyond your place of worship, too. For instance, a Catholic can go to church around the world and take part in a familiar service, building brotherhood beyond borders.

3. You Get a Framework for Your Life

Do you feel somewhat lost in your life? Wondering how you should act and what you need to do to live a good life? Religion has all of this laid out.

When you join a religion and agree to live life according to its teachings, you gain a strong framework to live your life by. This can provide a sense of stability in your life.

4. There Is Always Someone to Help You

When you join a religion, you are never alone. If you need help, spiritual or otherwise, your pastor will be able to help you. Many religious leaders are very happy to offer pastoral care in times of crisis, which can be life-saving.

There Are Many Benefits of Religion

The choice to join a religion must always be made freely. If you have been on the fence about the benefits of religion, we hope that you now feel a little more informed.

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